Different Types of Pillows For Good Night Sleep

    Pillows are influential add-ons on your sleeping arsenal that directly dictate the quality of sleep you’ll expect to have. Their history dates back to 9000BC where Mesopotamian ancestors slept on curved-in stones to rest their necks and at least keep their heads off the ground to avoid bugs.

    Thankfully, following the industrial revolution, textile industries thrived significantly paving way for mass production of different types of pillows.

    Today, pillows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to cater to various purposes, seasons, and occasions. So, whether you’re a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, a patient that needs an orthopedic pillow or simply a pregnant woman looking for a supportive pillow, this article will discuss nine different types of pillows that will help you catch more zzz than ever before.

    • Feather and Goose Down Pillows

    Feather and down are closely related making them the best when combined. Down on its side is the bottom fluffy part of a goose feather. What makes it special is because it’s soft, puffy and supple. On the other hand, bird feathers are soft but are considered as traditional as compared to most other filling materials.

    Since these two materials have their fair share of challenges, most pillow manufacturers have found a creative way of combining the two to make the final product more authentic.

    Large features provide some structure while goose down provides support. So, with these two together, your pillow will be soft, supportive and will have slower degeneration.

    • Hypoallergenic Pillows

    Have you ever wondered why sometimes you wake up with a running nose, a cough, itchy eyes, or a sneeze? Well, there’s one thing that can explain that—your pillow might be infested with dust mites. Though tiny, these little creatures can multiply very fast especially if your bedroom is dark, humid or carpeted.

    Now, using a pillowcase or a pillow protector can help—but for how long? Since these mites will always find a way to penetrate, swapping your old pillow with a hypoallergenic one will really help you out as the hypoallergenic material in these pillows will create a barrier that won’t allow these pesky mites and other allergens to pass through.

    So, if you’re allergic or maybe you suffer from respiratory illnesses, then you know what type of pillow is best suited for you.

    • Latex Pillows

    Pillows vary from person to person depending on your sleeping position and your personal demands when it comes to comfort. However, most people, especially environmentalists are turning their attention to latex pillows making them increasingly popular among most sleepers.

    The latex used to manufacture these pillows comes from processed sap derived from rubber trees. Latex comes in two main categories that are synthetic latex and organic natural latex. To enjoy the vast benefits of latex pillows, you need to buy those pillows made of natural latex. Now, some of the health and orthopedic benefits of pillows made of natural latex include;

    • Lumbar support: Latex is denser than memory foam and fiber. Therefore, it tends to offer lumbar support that helps in aligning your neck and your spine. So, if you often wake up with a stiff neck and painful spine, then a latex pillow is what you need.
    • Reduces noise: with these pillows, there are no squeaking and rustling noises that often appear when changing sides in bed due to sleeplessness. They also offer a lot of head support that clears your air passageways thus reducing snoring.
    • Hypoallergenic: most pillows need a replacement every 2 years to prevent dust and allergen accumulation. But not for latex. That’s because organic latex pillows have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that allow them to block mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites and fungi from passing through.

    • Body Pillow

    If you’re pregnant and you’re looking to sleep well throughout the nine tiring months, a body pillow can be improvised and work out for you. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a malleable body pillow that will hug and cradle your body while offering immense skeletal support, then this pillow is exactly what you need.

    Unlike other pillows, these best luxury pillows are full length (about 5 ft long) and come in several shapes that are set to suit your specific sleeping style. Some of the benefits of these pillows as confessed by most aficionados include;

    • Pressure relief: hard mattresses are less supportive and offer reduced pressure point relief. So, to reduce discomfort and pains on your hips, body pillows are the best to consider, as you only have to wrap them around the body.
    • Reduce tossing and turning: excess tossing and turning make you feel more uncomfortable and unable to sleep well. To counter this, body pillows provide something your body can hold to in order to reduce movement and promote restful sleep.

    • Memory Foam Pillows

    Memory foam pillows have been around for a very long time. These pillows became dominant after their discovery in 1970 (by NASA) where they served as padding for aircraft seats to prevent astronauts and pilots from getting tired after sitting for too long.

    From there, memory foam became dominant and today, it’s used in mattresses and pillows. Its purpose in the pillows industry is huge and immense as it conforms to your head, neck, and shoulders to offer firm support when sleeping.

    The second advantage of memory foam pillows is that they can retain their original shapes after pressure is relieved. This simply means that these pillows can last for a very long time before losing their supportive nature.

    • Wedge Pillows

    These pillows are unique and less popular as compared to other types. They consist of a triangular-shaped body with a tapered incline that lets you sleep in a semi-upright position. Unlike other types of pillows, wedged pillows deal with internal body problems such as alleviating GERD heartburn, reducing acid reflux, offering lower lumbar support and clearing your nasal airways to reduce snoring.

    In addition to that, pregnant women during their second and third trimesters can take advantage of wedge pillows to perfect their resting positions when reading a novel or just watching the TV. For those with sinus and nasal congestion due to colds, a wedge pillow can help by elevating the head to allow the sinus to drain freely.

    Finally, those with swollen feet due to edema or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can use wedge pillows to elevate their feet to relieve the pain. However, you must consult your doctor first before you can move on to elevate your feet.

    • Microbead Pillows

    If you’re looking for an easily foldable pillow that will conform to your body shape to keep you comfortable, then a microbead pillow is what you need. These pillows are quite similar to buckwheat pillows only that they use unexpanded polystyrene (EPS) instead of husks from buckwheat seeds.

    Microbead pillows are a synthetic alternative to buckwheat pillows and are mostly preferred due to their small sizes that allow them to conform easily to your head and neck. Other than that, these pillows are breathable meaning they allow air to circulate through to prevent over sweating at night.

    Other than being breathable, microbead pillows are malleable meaning they can easily fold to offer immense support to your head, neck, and shoulders. Due to this reason, these pillows function as travel pillows or therapeutic pillows for people suffering from neck and shoulder pains.

    • Cooling Pillows

    Just as their name implies, cooling pillows have cooling gels or breathable fabrics that regulate body temperature when the weather is too hot. One such example of these pillows are water pillows. These pillows are filled with water inside a plastic reservoir then wrapped with polyester foam or any foam of fiberfill material.

    Other than being cool to the touch, cooling pillows are adjustable, supportive, and pain relievers, especially when you consider water pillows.

    • Contour Pillows

    Another type of pillow that has been gaining popularity in recent times is the contour pillow. The fill material used in this pillow is either water or buckwheat. However, due to the conforming nature of memory foam, this material has become popular making it the main material used in contour pillows.

    Due to their contoured surfaces, these pillows have excelled at supporting the neck and strengthening posture especially if you’re a side sleeper. Finally, since memory foam can fold to the contours of your head, these pillows are best for relieving pressure points at the neck and muscle joints.


    Finally, as you already know, sleep is a critical part of our lives as we spend nearly a 3rd of our lives in bed. So, it’s highly paramount that you choose the right pillow that will support your head and neck when sleeping. Whether it’s for pregnancy, orthopedic purposes, hypoallergenic or simply for luxury, this short guide has offered you everything you need to make an informed choice.

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