What are the Different Types of Mattresses?

    We all go through different forms of stress on a daily basis. It can be from a long-hour shift of working on paper work or in the field, it can be a day of doing errands and chores around the house or it can be from taking care of the whole family the entire day. Whatever the source is, stress is stress.

    Stress impacts our bodily systems in a negative way. It greatly decreases our efficiency and productivity in a day. This is why it is recommended to get enough rest and sleep in a day. Some people have no problem with this; however, there are some who struggle in falling or staying asleep because of several factors.

    It can be caused by diet, lifestyle choices, medical conditions, or simply, a bad mattress. If you think mattresses can last for ages, then you are wrong. Mattresses have their limits too. They can last for years and still look okay, but may not provide good cushioning and support for the body.

    If you have not changed your mattress for the longest time, now is the best time to do it. There are a couple of choices that you can choose from. If you are still confused as to what kind of mattress to purchase, you can choose one among the many options.

    Different Types of Mattresses

    While almost all mattresses look the same, you will be surprised to know that there are varied types of mattresses. Each one is designed to cater to a person’s different needs. Fortunately, a lot of them come with adjustable features to address existing health conditions and prevent future problems relating to sleep.

    Below are the different types of mattresses along with their descriptions. Let this be a guide in helping you purchase the mattress that is best suited for you.

    • Innerspring Mattresses

    This is a favorite among children as they can jump up and down the bed on this type of mattress. It is made of a steel coil support system that is composed of springs that are connected to one unit. The newer models usually have coils that come in an enclosed form to prevent it from popping off the mattress over time.

    As for innerspring mattresses, the quality of sleep a person gets is better when there are more coils present in the mattress. This is a mattress type that is ideal for people on the heavy side as the springs aid in helping them get in and out of bed. Those who suffer from back pain should get the firmer ones for better comfort.

    Amidst the numerous choices in the market, this remains popular because of a couple of reasons. Innerspring mattresses are easily available in-stores and online, these also provide convenience for transport and affordability for the user. This also comes in a selection of firmness that you can choose from. Typically, this is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

    Since this comes in an economical price compared to others, expect standard quality. It does not have the capability to provide premium support and counteract pain on pressure points. Over time, the springs may also wear and become noisy every time it is used. This becomes the classic squeaky bed and may need replacements.

    • Memory Foam Mattresses

    This is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the market. It is made of different layers of varied foam density that act in response to the user’s temperature and weight. This works great and provides excellent comfort because it fits the contour and curvature of the body.

    Memory foam mattresses contours according to the body’s shape as it shifts throughout the night. This eases pain and lessens pressure points while absorbing movement so you do not wake the person you are sleeping with whenever you toss and turn at night.

    The only drawback for this type of mattress would be its ability to regulate temperature. Given that memory foam mattresses are sensitive to temperature, it can make the user feel very hot at night. Some also release a chemically unpleasant smell.

    This type is ideal for those who usually experience fatigue and muscle pains. It eases body sores and discomfort effectively. However, this may not be ideal for people who have problems with temperature regulation. This is ideal for stomach, side and back sleepers.

    • Latex Mattresses

    If you are looking for a firm and bouncy support that is constant throughout the entire bed, this is the perfect pick for you. This is made of synthetic or natural rubber and delivers equal comfort as the memory foam. The difference between the two would be that latex mattresses push back thus providing better support.

    This is ideal for those who are suffering from back pains and body sores. This is also known for its cooling property and responsiveness. So this would be the perfect pick for people who want ample support without the body hugging feeling. However, this may not be a good pick for those who do not want a firm mattress.

    • Air Mattresses

    This is a common choice for those who want to add space for guests who visit from time to time. This utilizes air-filled chambers in place of coils to support the user. This looks like a regular mattress and it usually comes with a foam layer on top as a cover.

    Air beds are commonly used for patients who have spinal cord injuries as they are prone to developing bed sores. Since air beds can be adjusted accordingly, it is a good pick to prevent the application of pressure on the same points in the body. Each side’s firmness and softness can be adjusted.

    A common drawback for air beds would be progressive deflation over time. This may also pop up in one of its sides which will surely cause discomfort and back pains in the morning. It is recommended to get high-quality air bed mattresses to prevent this from happening.

    • Water Beds

    This has been around since the early 1800’s and it was made for patients who were suffering from bed sores. The water bed has barriers that can be adjusted into partial, full or no wave to facilitate excellent back health. Along with this comes the ability to control the firmness and temperature needed to suit your preference. With all the benefits that one can get from water beds, there are some drawbacks that need to be considered before buying it.

    Since the temperature can be regulated, there may be an implication to the electric bill. Setting up, disassembling, reassembling and refilling can be tough and complex. Transporting it and setting it up again can be hard. And lastly, there is a risk of puncturing and leaking overtime.

    • Hybrid Mattresses

    When we speak of hybrid mattresses, we are talking about the fusion of two technologies or materials to come up with a new type of mattress. A good example for this would be the combination of foam and innersprings. This is effective in providing support and contour ability.

    Things to consider when buying this would be to know what you want from your mattress. If you are not comfortable with the materials used in the hybrid, then this would not be a good choice for you. And since this uses two materials in one mattress, this usually comes in a more expensive price.

    • Pillow Top Mattresses

    This type of mattress is typically used with air and innerspring mattresses. Also known as Euro top mattresses, these can come in different makes such as Fiber film, foam, cotton, memory foam, wool, and latex. This is known for its cooling properties, durability, and ability to retain its shape, quick bounce back and ease of cleaning.

    The drawback for this type would be that it may sometimes come with a slightly weird odor. This may not be as firm compared to others, to some may find it a bit soft than needed. This also tends to be on the pricey side, so consider all its features before making the investment.

    • All Polyfoam Mattresses

    A polyfoam is made of petroleum, it uses a combination of isocyanate, polyol and water. The material delivers excellent flexibility and support. Just enough to aid in proper spine alignment and posture, relieve pain in joints and muscles, and provide ample head elevation when needed. This also uses inorganic fibers, thereby assuring you of less to no causes of allergies.


    Mattresses play a huge role in a person’s rest and sleep. This can make or break the quality of sleep that a person has at night. This also directly impacts the physical aspect of its user as it can affect the posture, gait, breathing, and other systems as it is used during sleep.

    Sleeping on a bad mattress can be harmful to a person’s overall well-being. It can lead to physical conditions, along with emotional and mental effects due to sleep deprivation. The effects can start out as trivial inconveniences, but neglect may lead to the worsening of the situation.

    Why settle for a mattress that does not give you the kind of rest you need? There is no gain in settling for a bad mattress. Read about the different types of mattresses and decide on which one to get. Invest on a high-quality mattress and see the differences it does to your life.

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