How to Wash Bamboo Pillows?

    Washing and cleaning regularly your pillows is great advantage on your part. You get to save if instead of buying other set of pillows, you just keep it clean and fresh, as much as possible. The durability of your pillows depends on how you take extra care of them.

    We should be paying more attention to the cleanliness of our sleeping essentials because, while some of us may not notice, the quality of our sleep comfort mostly depends on them. Cleaning our pillows as often as possible is a good habit to practice. Pillows may contain countless numbers of bacteria, fungi, and even dust mites which may cause allergic reactions for some.

    If you are susceptible to allergies, a great option is to use best bamboo pillows. Although some already have ideas on what is a Bamboo Pillow, others may not even be aware what it is.

    What is a Bamboo Pillow?

    Bamboo Pillows are pillows made with bamboo-based viscose or rayon outer cover. Generally, these are just similar with standard pillows, the difference is that it offers a wide range of comfort when you are sleeping on it. You’ll be able to sleep in multiple positions with optimum support for your back and neck.  It is also hypoallergenic, thus making it suitable for those susceptible to allergies. It can also help you prevent snoring.

    Basically, the only part that is made from bamboo fabrics is the cover of the pillow, not the filling. Bamboo Pillows come in different fillings: Polyester-filled, Bamboo memory foam, Shredded memory foam, and Gel-infused memory foam.

    Bamboo Pillows are more hassle to wash since they are made from delicate materials such as memory foams and bamboo fibers. Regardless of what you choose from these pillow styles, you should be able to know how to clean each one of them.

    How to wash a Bamboo Pillow?

    Washing a bamboo pillow is easy but it requires you to follow specific ways and procedures in order to do it properly. Since it is made from delicate materials, you need to be extra careful and gentle in washing them, especially those with memory foam because this cannot be machine washed.

    Washing the bamboo pillows the wrong way may cause them to shrink and lose its shape. If you want your pillow to last longer without compromising the quality of comfort it gives you, the following steps are to be followed.

    Washing the Pillow Cover

    • Take out the cover.

    Noting that the pillow cover is made from bamboo fibers, thus, it needs extra care. It would also be a great help if you check the cover or the pillow for an after-care tag with the special instructions on how to clean and wash it properly. With this, you’ll be sure that the pillows are handled with care.

    • Wash the cover.

    The cover is safe to be machine washed. You can put it in the machine with other laundry, however, make sure that you won’t stain it with others. It would also be best if you wash it together with other delicate to ensure that it won’t tear the fabric. However, if you want to be totally sure that the cover won’t be damaged, you can choose to handwash it.

    In washing the cover, whether manually or with the use of washing machine, you can only use a mild and gentle detergent. Harsh detergents may cause damage to the bamboo fabric. Only use lukewarm water in washing the cover – not too hot or too cold.

    • Let the cover dry.

    After washing the cover, you may dry it using a dryer from washing machine with a low temperature to prevent it from being damaged. You can also air dry it to be extra careful.

    Cleansing the Pillow

    • Load up a container with tepid water.

    After completing the steps on washing the cover, you may now proceed with washing the pillow. Fill the container with warmish water that is not too hot nor too cold, then submerge the whole pillow to wet it completely.

    • Add mild and gentle detergent.

    After the pillow is completely wet, pour mild or gentle detergent formulated for pillows. Pour it directly on the pillow’s surface and squeeze it so that it will be easily absorbed into the pillow. Avoid using too much soap so you won’t have a hard time rinsing it afterwards.

    • Soak the pillow.

    After adding the detergent, soak the pillow and give it enough time to work the detergent through the pillow. Give a small squeeze and push to the pillow and allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes, but not more than 20 minutes.

    Rinsing the Pillow

    • Squeeze the excess soap and water.

    Before you rinse and dry the pillow, it’s important to squeeze and twist the pillow to get rid of the soap and liquid totally. Drain the sink, pour some water and gently squeeze the pillow. This is to remove the detergent from the pillow.  Make sure that no soap is left as this could ruin your pillow. Rinse as many times as needed. You may screw the pillow if you want to be totally sure that the pillow is completely rinsed out.

    • Rinse again for a couple of seconds.

    Rinse again the pillow for about 10-20 seconds to prevent soap residue from forming. Make sure no suds are left. Wash out the pillow until there is no soapy texture left.

    Drying the Pillow

    • Air dry the pillow.

    After rinsing, you are now ready to dry your pillow. You may hang the pillow using a special dry hanger or clothesline under indirect sunlight. In this drying method, you just simply put the pillow in between the hanger then hand it or clip the pillow using the clothespins and let it dry.

    • Lay it on a table outside.

    If a special dry hanger or clothespin is not available, you may opt this other method of drying your pillow. You can place the pillow above a white cloth or towel. You can place it either inside your house or outside, as long as the surrounding is not damp or moist. You just need to flip the pillow from time to time to ensure that both sides are dried completely.

    Note: Be mindful of the weather. You cannot dry the pillow outside if it is raining and humidity is low. Whichever method you choose, let it dry naturally and make sure that it’s completely dry to avoid buildup of molds or mildew. You don’ want to use a moldy pillow afterwards.

    You cannot also use washing machine to dry your pillow since this may cause your pillow to shrink and damage its shape.

    Slip back the cover.

    After the pillow is dried completely, slip back the cover gently. You are now ready to use your clean pillow.

    The above-mentioned steps are basically for washing a solid memory foam bamboo pillow. Some may choose to use a shredded memory foam bamboo pillow and might ask “How to wash a shredded memory foam bamboo pillow?” or “Is it just the same with washing a solid memory foam pillow?”

    Basically, the answer is YES. Same set of instructions are to be followed. You just need to soak it in water, put detergent, rinse it, and dry it afterwards. The basic rule applies: Never use washing machine dryer to dry your shredded memory foam, if you want it to last longer.

    Additional Tips

    • It is important to know what type of filling is in your pillow to know what the do’s and don’ts are in washing them.
    • Be mindful with the care tag that comes with each pillow for the instructions and specific reminders for the pillow’s aftercare.
    • Clean and wash regularly your pillows to avoid formation of bacteria and fungi, as well as to prevent allergic reactions.


    A bamboo pillow is one of the most sought-after sleeping pillows in the market today because of the benefits and advantages it offers, however, although it is similar to standard pillows, it requires a different approach in cleaning and maintaining it.

    It is recommended that bamboo pillows are washed once every three to six months. Although it takes effort and diligence on washing bamboo pillows, the results and benefits are all worth it. Washing the bamboo pillows and taking care of them are responsibility of the owner.

    The steps above are only recommended instructions and procedures on how to properly wash your bamboo pillows to keep them for a long period of time. These are just guidelines and may vary depending on certain circumstances and conditions. It is still up to you on what you think is the best way to handle your bamboo pillow with care.

    To be sure, you can always refer to the instructions that come with your bamboo pillows for safe washing. It is always good to know how to take care of your bamboo pillows to make your sleep always comfortable and relaxing.

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