Do You Need a Box Spring?

    Have you ever wondered how a mattress shopping spree feels like? It can be an overwhelming experience especially when you have tons of models to choose from. But it does not end there, one of the most common questions you would hear from mattress shoppers would be: “Do I need a box spring?”

    Making a decision can be quite tricky. This is because if you take a look at some people’s homes, some would have box springs while some do not. So what does it mean to you? You see, deciding whether you need a box spring depends on a number of factors.

    Signs You Need to Get a Box Spring

    The only person who can decide whether you need a box spring would be you or the person familiar with your current bed setup. There are conditions that will require you to have a box spring and sometimes, you may have preferences that require the use of one. Here are a couple of those conditions.

    • Your Bed is Too Low

    While some people do not have a problem with having their bed lying directly on the floor or close to the floor, we can still say that an elevated bed is more aesthetically pleasing. Box springs are utilized to provide extra height to the bed for aesthetic reasons. However, we also have to mention that in terms of cleanliness, keeping your bed in a good height from the floor will allow you to clean it better. Plus, dirt and other debris won’t be able to get in your bed easily with this setup.

    • Deteriorating Mattress Quality

    When your mattress goes through a lot of stress or is constantly used, its shock-absorbing properties deteriorate along with its quality. If you have kids who enjoy jumping on the bed whenever they play or if you are someone who constantly toss and turn at night, then you may need a box spring to keep your mattress in good condition. This is because box springs are there to provide additional support to your mattress while taking in most of the shock when in use.

    • Mattress Warranty

    A lot of mattress manufacturers require their model to rest on a box spring or foundation. The condition would be to void the warranty if the buyer fails to get a box spring or foundation for it. So if your mattress comes with this kind of warranty, you will need to get one for it.

    • You Have Difficulty Getting Out of Bed

    If your bed is resting on the floor, the chances of you developing back strains and experiencing struggles in getting up is high. While there are those who do not mind the struggle, this can prove to be different for those who have physical disabilities and limitations or those who are nearing their golden ages. So to give you a more comfortable experience in getting in and out of bed, you can purchase a box spring for additional height and easier access.

    • Bed Type

    As mentioned earlier, there will be situations that may require you to get one. Take into example getting mattresses that require support and box springs to function better. We are talking about one-sided mattresses, double-sided mattresses, and those that have a collapsible metal frame. The main reason for all this would be that these mattresses need ample support to prolong its life and to add more comfort to the user.

    • Signs You Don’t Need a Box Spring

    It is important to know whether a box spring is necessary for you, but it is equally important to know whether a box spring is not needed too. Some consequences of having a box spring that is not necessary or not in good condition would be poor sleep quality and back problems. So let’s take a look at the following instances that tells you there’s no need for a box spring.

    • Reinforced Metal and Platform Bed Frame

    This type of bed frame utilizes a collapsible metal frame that delivers ample support for the mattress. This helps even out weight distribution and prevents sagging and wearing out of the mattress over time. In this case, you won’t need a box spring as the metal bed frame already does the work for you. The same applies to solid platform beds as it already functions as a solid foundation for support.

    • Platform Bed Frame with Slats

    Some platform beds come with slats instead of just having a solid foundation. While these slats look differently, its function for providing support and facilitating even weight distribution remains the same. In this case, a box spring is no longer necessary.

    • Adjustable Bed Frame

    Since this type of bed allows adjustments in terms of angle and height. This type of bed is utilized by those who want to relieve strains on their backs and improve breathing. So you can expect people to use this while constantly adjusting it according to their needs. Hence, it is not possible to have a box spring support it in varied size adjustments.

    To Buy or Not to Buy?

    The question may have been vague before but after reading about the conditions that may or may not require you to get a box spring, you can now say that you may have an answer in your mind. If you see the need to get a box spring, do so. This will benefit you in ways that you have not imagined. However, if you do not see the need for it yet, you can pass on purchasing one for the moment.


    The decision on whether you are to get a box spring or not depends on your needs and present bedroom setup. If you ever decide to get a box spring for your bed, you have to get the best one in the market. This can be done by making sure to consider the quality, make and price of the product before purchasing.

    It also helps to do your own share of research on how previous customers reacted to their experience with the box spring. By determining the reason why you need a box spring, you also get to distinguish the specifications you need in one. So make your purchase count and go for the best one available in the market.

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