Best Wool Blankets Reviews For 2020

    When winter hits and the snow starts to touch the ground, the temperature drops and we need a way to stay warm during the night. There are many options for keeping warm, but there’s nothing more traditional than the best wool blankets.

    Wool is known for its thick and dense properties that trap your body’s natural heat around you. They can be used in a variety of settings and come in many shapes and sizes. When the temperature drops, it’s perfect for keeping you warm and insulated.

    But how do you know the blanket you’re getting is going to be effective at fighting the cold? Looking at all the different options online can give you a better idea of which ones are suitable for your needs. However, we’ve taken the work out of researching by providing you with ten of the best rated wool blankets.

    Top 10 Best Wool Blankets Reviews

    1. EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket

    The EKTOS is a premium quality heavyweight woolen blanket that has been loom woven. Each of the blankets is expertly crafted to prevent fraying and provide a beautiful rugged woolen design. These blankets are perfect for the colder months, as they are thick, heavy, and durable.

    Besides that, the EKTOS includes exceptionally high heat ratios by trapping body heat. The blanket can help regulate heat and keep you at a natural thermal temperature. Additionally, the EKTOS is made with a soft non-scratchy material that is odor-free, mildew resistant, and fire-resistant.

    On the upside, 90% of the blanket is made from wool, while the other is 10% synthetic materials. For those with allergies, the company does a good job of regulating what substances go into their products. The blankets are free from dyes and fire retardant substances that can trigger an allergic reaction.

    The blanket itself is designed to be heavyweight and weighs 4.4 lbs. For some people, it may be too heavy but is recommended to those who enjoy weighted blankets. They promote deeper sleep and provide a comforting feeling. Plus, the blanket is also advertised as an outdoor camping blanket and for emergency use.

    While the EKTOS has many benefits compared to other synthetic blankets on the market, it does have some limitations. The blanket must be hand or machine washed on delicate. If not, then the wool may get frayed or damaged. However, the blanket is of high quality and is designed to be used on a daily basis.

    • Made from high-quality wool mixed with synthetic fibers.
    • Exceptionally warm due to thick fabric.
    • Non-scratchy texture which is comfortable and warm.
    • Contains no dyes or harmful chemicals that would irritate skin.
    • High insulaton properties and durable design.
    • Must be put through a delicate wash cycle.
    • Heavy-weighted properties not comfortable to everyone.

    2. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

    Arcturus makes a large quantity of military and outdoor gear, survival blankets being one of them. This military wool blanket has impeccable quality and is made from 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers. It’s a weighted blanket, weighing a little over 4.8 lbs that is great for the outdoors, camping, and survival situations.

    The synthetic material helps the blanket stay warm, even if it’s exposed to water. This makes it excellent for emergencies or traveling as you’ll still be able to regulate your body temperature. Luckily, the other 20% is crafted with hypoallergenic materials that make it safe to use on sensitive skin. Additionally, there are no other harsh chemicals used and no fire retardants added to the wool.

    To give the blanket a nice rustic look, it’s been loom-woven and hemmed to prevent fraying. The sides use contrast lock stitching which reinforces the ends and ensures durability. Plus, the large size makes it suitable for couches, beds, and other indoor lounging areas.

    Lastly, the blanket itself is machine washable and is easy to clean. Unlike other versions, the synthetic materials help enable the blanket to become softer with each wash. Other wool blankets tend to fray or break apart, but the mixture of wool and synthetic fibers allow this blanket to stay soft and cozy.

    The only downside we’ve found with this wool blanket is that it needs to be aired out before use. Whatever factory they produce the blanket creates a deep chemical smell. It’s not directly related to the blanket, so you can easily air it out and was it a few times to get rid of the scent.

    • Heavy weighted design that improves relaxation.
    • Durable and reliable stitching to enhance lifespan.
    • Large size for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Hypoallergenic and avoids chemicals for sensitive skin.
    • Machine washable and becomes softer with proper care.
    • Chemical smell that fades away after time.

    3. Orion Outpost Trading Co. Vestige Military Wool Blanket

    The next on our list is the Orion Blanket Co. Military Blanket. It’s an 80% wool and 20% synthetic fiber blanket. What’s great about this company is that for every five blankets that are sold, they donate one blanket to various charities for people in need.

    It’s perfect for either the outdoors or indoors due to the fabric’s unique properties. The blanket can stay durable and elastic despite being exposed to moisture or dirt. The synthetic fibers create a comfortable smooth texture to sleep on.

    On top of that, it’s perfect for survival or emergency kits due to the fact that it is mold and bacteria resistant. The wool is also a thick dense fiber that is perfect for survival settings. The anti-moisture absorption also helps regulate body temperature in summer and can trap body heat in the winter.

    The blanket does require some care when washing. Either machine washes or puts it on tumble dry on low or dry clean. Due to the fibers being dense and woven, they may begin to fray and shed when incorrectly handled. To keep the fabric soft to the touch and fluffy, always wash on those settings.

    Lastly, the Orion blanket is weighted and is approximately 4 lbs. It’s designed to keep you warm during all seasons. However, some may not like how heavy it is. Additionally, the material needs to be washed a few times before use due to a chemical smell. However, the quality and durability are impeccable.

    • Stylish fabric with multiple designs and color options.
    • Machine washable but requires delicate care.
    • Mold and bacteria resistant properties.
    • Made from imported wool and synthetic fibers.
    • Designed for outdoor and indoor environments.
    • May shed if not properly cared for.

    4. Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket

    The Pendleton blanket is unique due to the fact that the company produces multiple sizes; twin, queen, and a single size. The quality of the materials used is pure woven virgin wool that is made by American mills, which proves its authenticity. The design is perfect to use as a throw, blanket, or for any indoor occasions.

    Additionally, the thick design is insulating enough to keep you warm during the cold months outdoors. The company recommends that it be used as a camping blanket. Although, it is a bit on the light side and isn’t weighted like many other wool blankets listed.

    However, don’t let that keep you from thinking it has high quality. The blanket itself is soft to the touch and comes in multiple designs. Some designs feature inspiration from ombre striped cowboy blankets. The colors and stripes are ideal for those looking for a cowboy theme, as the colors blend well with oranges, yellows, and blues.

    Pendleton is known for making other fabrics and collectibles with heritage-themed designs. Each of the blankets features unique styling which pairs well with their other products. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty style wool blanket you may want to skip this blanket. However, it’s excellent for decoration or other decors.

    Lastly, the fabric is genuine wool that requires special care when washing. All blankets need to be hand-washed, otherwise, it will be prone to shedding and shrinkage. The overall blanket also weighs around 1lbs, which isn’t heavyweight.

    • Made from high-quality materials.
    • Useful in indoors and outdoors environments.
    • A beautiful ombre stripe design.
    • Classic colors and rich design perfect for summer.
    • Must be dry cleaned to retain a soft texture.

    5. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

    The Desert Breeze Distributing Wool Blanket is a unique twist to other wool blankets on our list. It features a unique alpaca and sheep virgin wool blend, which makes it 100% genuine. Additionally, it comes in multiple colors, sizes, and is made in Peru.

    You won’t have to worry about the sizing not fitting your bed or couch due to the fact that it comes in either a full or queen size. The design features a warm earth tone, which complements almost any modern decor. Although, it is a thick blanket and weighs around 5.5 lbs.

    The blanket includes a mix of 50% alpaca and 50% Merino wool from sheep. These animals were raised in extremely cold climates which gives their fur properties that others don’t. The conditions in the Andes mountains help craft this heavy-duty blanket.

    The rich earth tones with hints of tan, brown, and gray are suitable for most homes. They easily blend with most decors and can complement a wide range of different decor. However, that doesn’t speak for the quality. Each blanket is reinforced and crafted with care. The edges are polyester bonded and then double stitched to ensure it lasts.

    Lastly, the blanket is machine washable but it’s recommended to dry clean it to prevent fraying. All of the materials and crafts are done in Peru, which is one of the biggest sources of wool in the world. So far, everyone is impressed with the impeccable quality.

    • Imported and high-quality wool content.
    • Made from multiple types of wool.
    • A large variety of neutral colors and designs.
    • Machine washable and dry cleaned.
    • A durable design which lasts longer.
    • Heavy Weighted and may not be comfortable for all people.

    6. Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanket

    The Poyet Motte Blanket is a heavyweight wool blanket crafted using 100% wool. It comes in a variety of sizing including; queen, full, king, and twin. Multiple design colors can complement any home decor. Unlike others listed on our best wool blankets list, this one is purely for indoor use.

    The company gets their blankets from France, ensuring uniqueness. Plus, the Poyet Motte brand was established in 1839 and is a reputable European company known for providing high-quality blankets. That’s how you know that they will be providing you with a quality woolen blanket.

    Unlike other companies, the brand constructs their blankets using 33-microns per 500 GSM. Basically, this translates into a tightly woven blanket that is made from 100% virgin wool. It’s engineered to provide many years of use and the unique weaving process helps create an ultra-light texture.

    To help ensure that the durability lasts, the ends feature an anti-pilling finish. The seams are also double stitched using satin binding and all the sides feature a crisp stitched edge. If there are any problems with the product the brand is willing to help correct any issues or address concerns.

    The only downside we’ve been able to find is that this is strictly an indoor wool blanket. It’s a heavyweight blanket that weighs approximately 6 lbs and features a thin material. This is due to the unique weaving fabric technique which guarantees that it stays soft and thin.

    • Made from high-quality materials in France.
    • Luxurious feel and soft texture.
    • Vibrant colors suitable for the home.
    • Reinforced stitching and enhanced durability.
    • Machine washable and hand washable.
    • Not suitable for summer months.

    7. Biddy Murphy Irish Wool Blanket

    The Biddy Murphy Irish brand is known for making premium quality Irish wool blankets produced by the Co. Tipperary Company. It was founded in 1893 by John Hanly and since then has continued its traditions. All blankets are crafted using 100% pure wool and are specially woven to be soft and smooth.

    Each fiber is soft to the touch and the brand is known for avoiding using chemicals on their products. Besides this, the wool blankets are perfect for indoors for either decorations or throws. However, they aren’t thick enough to be used outdoors.

    Although, their unique variety and design allow you to pick one that is the right color and size. All of the blankets include a cute plaid blanket design that’s perfect for adding a pop of color to any dorm, room, or bedroom. The intricate designs give a classic style to any room or can enhance furniture by using it as a drape.

    Additionally, each blanket comes with a fringed edge but is strong enough to not fray. You will need to be careful while washing, as it can easily damage the woven fabric if it’s not washed correctly. Either put it on delicate or hand wash it for the best results.

    Lastly, the blanket itself isn’t too heavy, which many people enjoy. It’s a lightweight option for summer and fall or is excellent as an additional layer for winter. On top of that, it comes in a variety of different colors, which makes it easy to find one that matches your decor.

    • High-quality material from Ireland.
    • Pure Irish wool that’s hypoallergenic.
    • Size is suitable for one person.
    • Decorative for many rooms and multiple colors.
    • The fringe edge may fray at times.

    8. Woolly Mammoth Wool Blanket

    If you’re in the mood for something more traditional and festive, you can’t go wrong with the Farmhouse Collection. It features two color options; red/black/cream plaid and red/navy/cream plaid. Both options give a festive vibe and are perfect for the holidays.

    It’s crafted using 80% premium virgin Merino wool and 20% synthetic fibers. To help keep the durability high the company avoids using any recycled wool. Additionally, they add a bit of acrylic to help weave the blankets using a twill weave.

    Either way, it’s purely authentic and produces a velvety smooth texture. This can be attributed to the extra brushed finish and also double-stitching used on the edges. Plus, they also use a whipstitch technique which helps reinforce the blanket from fraying.

    The blanket itself weighs 4 lbs, which can be a bit heavy for some. However, this enables you to use it in extremely cold temperatures. It provides the perfect thermal power as an additional layer to your bed or gives a pop of color to your home decor.

    All wool used is durable, flexible, and self-cleaning. However, you may need to dry clean it if it gets too dirty. On top of that, its thick woven fabric provides ample temperature-regulation and is perfect as a gift.

    • Uses 80% high-quality virgin wool.
    • Highly durable and soft to the touch.
    • Enhanced edges and weaving process.
    • Perfect for the holidays or gifts.
    • Weighted blanket at 4 lbs.
    • Dry clean only.
    • One size only.

    9. Stansport Heavy Weight Wool Blanket

    One of the last ones on our list is the Stansport Heavy Weight Wool Blanket. It includes a heavy-duty design perfect for outdoor camping. On top of that, the thick wool material is excellent at regulating and trapping body heat. This can come in handy on trips, vacations, and survival kits.

    It doesn’t have too fancy of design and either comes in gray or olive green. The colors blend well with other camping gear, which is why they are less expressive than the other designs. Although, it can be used to compliment monotone or neutral themed homes.

    Unlike others on our list, it’s only 55% pure wool, which is the lowest on our list. However, the brand uses other synthetic fibers to craft the blanket and make it durable. It’s extremely useful in extremely cold situations and is made to be an affordable alternative to pure wool blankets.

    It is a weighted blanket, which can help insulate body heat inside the blanket and keep you warm. Additionally, it’s naturally water repellent and semi-fire resistant making it useful for camping. Another use that the company suggests is for a ground cover, rain shelter, or other uses.

    The only downside is that even though its made from synthetic fibers, it can only be dry cleaned. If you use any other method to clean the blanket, it will start to fray and lose its comfortable smooth texture. This can be irritating if you plan to use it for more than an occasional blanket.

    • Perfect for outdoors and camping.
    • Weighted blanket at 4 lbs.
    • Versatile for extremely cold conditions.
    • Thin design and soft exterior.
    • Can be used as a ground cover or tablecloth.
    • Low wool percentage.

    10. Ever Ready First Aid Olive Drab Green Wool Blanket

    The last on our list is another survival-based wool blanket that’s perfect for survival kits or camping. It includes a lovely olive green color and features a plush and soft texture. If you’re looking for a large blanket, it’s around 66” x 90” and is crafted using 80% pure wool.

    Generally, it’s used as an issued wool blanket in the military to keep sliders warm. It’s designed to help regulate body temperature and trap heat in the blanket, even in extreme conditions. However, it’s ideal for emergencies or everyday use as long as it’s properly cared for.

    The fabric includes natural fire retardant materials which prevent the blanket from catching on fire. This is useful if you’re using a campfire or fireplace to help keep yourself warm. The small specs of fire that pop off the campfire don’t pose any risk of setting the blanket on fire.

    Additionally, it includes a high wool content which is tightly woven. This helps create a smoother texture and prevents heat from escaping the blanket. The rest of the blanket is crafted using a synthetic material that extends the lifespan of the blanket. It’s made to be durable, reliable, and withstand harsh situations compared to others on the market.

    With the large size, it can easily be used for either one person or to cover a full-sized bed. It’s perfect for all body sizes, as the blanket is around 7 feet tall. This ensures that even the tallest of people will be able to use it without any issues.

    • Traps body heat and provide superior heat regulation.
    • Fire retardant properties.
    • High-quality wool percentage and content.
    • Big enough for all body sizes.
    • Perfect for outdoor and military use.
    • Sheds if not properly cared for.

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    Advantages of Using Wool Blankets

    There are plenty of benefits to using a wool blanket over other types of fabrics. These factors are highly influenced by the fact that wool has natural properties that help in survival situations. Wool is one of the most durable material types, which helps prevent heat from escaping and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We’ll provide you with a few other major reasons;

    • Naturally Traps Body Heat 

    Pure wool contains natural properties that help retain heat and prevent the body from feeling cold. The reason for this is because sheep, goats, and other animals who produce wool by-products are generally species that live in colder climates.

    In order to survive the harsh environment, their wool becomes thick and traps their body heat. These properties are retained in the wool. The higher the percentage of natural wool in a banket, the more effective it will be at regulating your body temperature.

    • Hypoallergenic Properties

    Those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to fabrics can rejoice as wool blankets are hypoallergenic. Companies who use pure wool tend to avoid using any added chemicals or additives which can help alleviate skin irritations. This makes it safe to use and prevents people from breaking out or having a severe allergic reaction.

    • Water-Resistant

    Wool is also very dense and contains the property to naturally repel water. This makes it useful in a survival situation, as it prevents your body from becoming damp or cold. It will also trap sweat and repel dirt, grass, and other small particles.

    • Fire Resistant

    Additionally, wool also has a semi-natural ability to be fire retardant. In any survival situation, you will need a campfire or fire pit to help you stay warm. If you are close to the fire you won’t have to worry about the blanket catching on fire, as it naturally repels the sparks.

    • Highly Durable

    Lastly, wool is naturally durable and when mixed with synthetic materials is one of the most sturdy fabric types. It can easily withstand weather conditions, prevent particles from sticking to it, and repels any bugs or mites that may be drawn to eating the fabric.

    If you’re looking for a lasting blanket, wool blankets tend to have a lifespan of 10 years or more if properly cared for. To help increase durability, you will need to follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer which can help prevent fraying.

    What Things to Consider When Buying a Wool Blanket

    No matter what product you’re buying, it’s good to get a feel for the different qualities each product has. Wool blankets are no different, they come in all different shapes and sizes. While some blankets may be suitable for one situation, they may not be good in another. In this section, we will give you a few buying considerations for the best quality wool blankets;

    • Weight

    The weight of the blanket can make or break your opinion of the blanket. Some people don’t realize that wool blankets are heavily weighted, which can be uncomfortable for some. If you’re not a fan of weight blankets, then we suggest finding thinner wool blankets mixed with synthetic fabric.

    • Wool Percentage

    Wool percentages also play a huge role in the quality of the wool blanket. The higher the wool percentage, the warmer and heavier the blanket will be. Generally, you won’t want to get a full wool blanket unless you’re using it for survival situations or as a gift. However, there are also some mixed with synthetic fibers which can help extend the durability of the blanket.

    • Size

    If you’re using the blanket as an extra layer for your bed you’re going to want to ensure you have the right size. Most blankets come in a 60” x 90” size, but you can also find ones suitable for full, queen, king, and twin sizes. Wool blankets are often used as decorative throws or are hung up on a wall. The size of the blanket can play a huge role in where you want it in your home. Be sure to carefully consider what size you will need.

    • Comfortableness 

    Wool can sometimes be itchy, especially if it’s made from a high percentage of wool additionally, if you don’t take good care of the wool it can lose its smooth and comfortable properties. If you want to retain its properties, you’ll need to wash it by hand or on a gentle setting in the washing machine. However, most wool blankets will require you to dry clean them if they have a high percentage of wool.

    • Cost

    Lastly, the cost of wool blankets can depend on the quality of wool, percentage, and where it’s developed. European style wool blankets are often of high quality and can range from $50 to $100+. If you want to get a high quality, we recommend shopping at this age and to verify the company’s source of where they collect the wool.

    However, if you’re looking for a less intricate type of wool blanket you should go with a lower percentage. These blankets are better for survival settings and are often mixed with synthetic fibers to help increase durability. You can easily find some lower than $50 and some low as $10.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lastly, it’s normal to have questions about wool blankets as each one is very different. We want to provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question answered, feel free to comment below.

    • Are Wool Blankets the Warmest Blanket?

    Yes, wool blankets are the warmest type of blanket you will find other than an electric blanket. Due to wools natural ability to retain heat, they can be an effective method to keep warm in cold conditions. Alternatively, you could purchase other synthetic blankets but they generally won’t have the same durability.

    • Why do wool blankets cost so much?

    The price range often reflects the quality of the wool. Different species of animals produce high-quality wool which can factor in how well the blanket insulates. If you want an effective blanket, then you’re going to want to find one with a higher price point. However, you generally don’t want to pay anything over $100 unless you were looking for an intricate or decorative gift.

    • What can I use wool blankets for?

    Besides survival situations, they make a lovely addition to any home. Use them as decorative throws over furniture or as an extra layer over your bed. Some people also use them as car seat covers to help them feel warm during the cool months.

    On top of that, they can be used under your sheets to help regulate your temperature. Other options include placing them in survival kits, earthquake kits, or for emergencies. Plus, wool blankets can be taken on picnics, camping trips, and other outdoor events.

    • What can I do with old wool blankets?

    If your wool has begun to fray and isn’t as good as it was when you first purchased it, then you can refurbish it into different options. Craft DIY pillows throw or use them to line your pet’s bed. Either way, the wool may not be as comfortable but it can be an excellent insulative layer to help trap heat.


    As you can see, there are plenty of wool blankets on the market all ranging in quality. If you want the best wool blankets, be sure to use our buying considerations and FAQ section. We’ve done our best to outline the various factors that go into selecting the best quality wool blankets.

    Wool blankets are suitable for many situations whether its survival, decoration or otherwise. We’ve provided the best selling wool blankets for winter in this list, but you may not find one you like. Either way, we hoped that we’ve at least helped you find one wool blanket to keep your warm year-round.

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