Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers 2020 (Ultimate Buyers Guide & Reviews)

    Stomach sleeping position has been and remains one of the most preferred positions because of its comfort. Though it is comfortable, enthralling, and no doubt irresistible, it presents stomach sleepers with a number of issues. The spine can get elevated pressure because of poor alignment, higher risk of suffocation, and nerve damage.

    This only goes to show how important it is for stomach sleepers to make sure that they have the proper pillow that will help to align their spine and allow them to have better rest at night.

    Even with this reality, picking the right pillow has not always been easy for many people because of the fast rising number of brands and designs on the market. Well, this need not be the case anymore. This review is comprehensive by examining all the crucial attributes and assessing both clients and experts feedbacks so that you can easily pick the best. Additionally, we also provide a buying guide you can use to tell whether a pillow is the right one or not.

    Top 10 Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Reviews

    We reviewed, tested, and analyzed pillows and brought you top 10 best pillows for stomach sleepers for your consideration. Our review team guarantees you that these pillows will make you comfortable and assist you fall asleep fast and enjoy it the entire night. With them, you will wake up more refreshed, energized, and free from pain and fatigue.

    We also list for you all the advantage and disadvantages of each pillow so that you can make the best choice, enjoy every night, and live a more productive lifestyle.

    1. DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow

    Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

    DOWNLITE, when designing this pillow focused on bringing extra support, thinness, and springy characteristics that every stomach sleeper desires. The cover is made from cotton so that it is both strong and soft to the skin. Unlike with side sleepers’ pillows, the most important thing with stomach sleepers’ pillows is functionality to raise the tummy and ensure the body takes the right posture. DOWNLITE perfected these to make this pillow among the top in out review.


    • The pillow is extra to fit well and help you take the right posture while anchoring the neck and shoulders.
    • It is manufactured from hypoallergenic materials which are critical for people with extra sensitivity and to enhance comfort.
    • It is designed from cotton which makes it easy to care for. It is machine washable and easy to dry.

    Though being thin is a great attribute, people with a larger distance between the tummy and forehead might need to look for a thicker one or use several of these.

    2. Bamboo Pillow – Standard / Queen Size

    Pillow For Stomach Sleepers Reviews

    Tired of picking pillows but back-pain, neck-ache and spine issues still recur; o not give up before picking and using this pillow. The pillow is carefully designed with top bamboo cover which makes it extra soft and soothing to the skin. Besides, the covers are removable to make it easy to clean the pillows for their luxurious outlook.


    • It has been made using the best quality materials that include the shredded memory foam density and bamboo for springy support and the comfort that you need to sleep through the night.
    • It comes with a removable cover that has a zipper for easy cleaning.
    • It is machine washable to make your work easier.
    • It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant which ensures that you have the best possible sleep without skin irritation.
    • It is sold with a long trial session of 30 days that include money back guarantee if unsatisfied.

    One major issue with this pillow is that first-time users might find it a bit too hard but this is to make breathing easier as one sleeps.

    3. Slim Sleeper Memory Foam: Best Flat Pillow

    pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

    A good pillow should be firm and slim enough so avoid lifting the head and spine too high. If a pillow is extra thick, the back may bend to form an arc and cause regular pain. The slim sleeper memory foam pillow was considered the perfect pillow size that every side sleeper will find irresistible. Its materials are hypoallergenic and do not contain fire retardants.


    • The cover of the pillow that helps to keep the pillow cool and avoid sweating for a more comfortable night.
    • It is machine washable which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
    • Free of allergens and other skin irritating chemicals to guarantee the user of a lovely night every day.
    • It is designed with strong anti-microbial foam so that your skin will be protected for the entire lifespan of the pillow.

    However, the pillow is pricey compared to others we reviewed in this section. However, this consideration is overridden by the positive attributes that made the review team include the piece among the top ten best pillows.

    4. Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow

    best pillow for stomach and side sleepers

    This is one of the best picks stomach sleepers because of its softness, appealing design, extra firmness, and luxury. As opposed to others, it has six sections that are filled with micro-fibers to give you extra comfort and firm support. Besides, also helps to reduce snoring by ensuring that the head is lifted to the proper degree. This is not only advantageous to the user but also to all those that might be within an earshot distance of them.

    It is filled with soft and supportive microfibers that ensure the pillow molds properly into your contours for better and more comfortable sleep.


    • The cover is strong and soft to protect the pillow from dirt and stains but is also easy to maintain.
    • Has a great design that lets stomach sleepers enjoy luxurious outlook and great support
    • Improves sleep quality and reduces snoring.

    Despite these great attributes, the pillow has one key disadvantage; it is not a memory foam model. However, the microfibers guarantee the user of extra support and can also be used by any family member.

    5. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover

    pillow for stomach sleepers reviews

    Among the pillows we reviewed, this piece came out to be among the best. It has several layers that make it extra firm, springy and supportive. The inner part is block-memory foam while the core chamber is filled with shredded foam. This is crucial in helping the pillow mold to the shape of your tummy to give you the natural posture you anticipate.


    • Bamboo cover and interior microfibers are extra soft to the skin or a lovely night
    • It is mite, dust, and allergens resistant so that you can enjoy every night without irritations
    • It is sold in both queen and king sizes so that clients can pick depending on their family needs.
    • The shredded memory foam and cover make the pillow have extra breathability for skin nourishment.

    Like other memory foam beddings, this pillow has the disadvantage of being lumpy which might require you to carry extra fluffing. However, it allows you to thin it out based on personal needs.

    6. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

    best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

    While the most desirable attribute of a stomach sleeper pillow is slimness, this Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is the piece to beat. The pillow has a unique cover and filled carefully with memory foam support a broader area around the stomach. Besides, also features a one of a kind cool action dual effects technology that offers superior comfort comparable to others.


    • Infused with the support and cooling of gel that reduces sweating at night.
    • Its ventilated design allows for easier breathing and reduced pressure to reduce tossing and turning while you sleep.
    • Its design is unique and luxurious to make your bed and bedroom look more appealing.

    While this pillow is no doubt irresistible, it extra thin shape might make it less desirable for people with desire for bigger pillows desires. To know the right pillow design for you, ensure you measure the distance between the stomach and head.

    7. Live & Sleep Classic – Memory Foam Pillow

    flat pillows for stomach sleepers

    While this pillow might look like an ordinary pillow, at first, its benefits and features sets it apart from any ordinary pillow. It is a great a purchase that cuts across through for most of the sleepers but particularly, it is a great bargain for the stomach sleepers. It is made from a top rated memory foam that is not only able to support and provide comfort but also able to last for up to 8 years. It is pretty adjustable which makes it an ideal buy for those that are looking for something that can support their mixed sleeping methods.


    • It is made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust mite resistant materials for better and healthier sleep.
    • Can be adjusted to serve other kinds of sleepers as well.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • It is ideal for stomach sleepers because of its breathable design.

    While it is no doubt the ultimate pillow that every person would wish to have in the bedroom, it comes at a very high cost. It was one of the costliest of the pillows we reviewed.

    8. Elite Rest Slim Sleeper – Natural Latex Foam Pillow

    best thin pillow for stomach sleepers

    This Pillow has often been described as the ultimate piece for people who want extra luxury when sleeping at home or outdoors. For stomach sleeper, the pillow does not have an equal because of its thin and springy characters. The latex foam makes the pillow to mold easily and adjust easily if you turn or change the sleeping position.


    • It is made from the highest quality materials to assure clients of high value for money.
    • The design is unique and stylish to give you extra satisfaction on top of comfort and support.
    • It is perfectly ventilated to allow air pass through or faster cooling during all night long.
    • All the materials, outer cotton, and latex are hypoallergenic and mildew resistant to prevent irritation
    • It is not ideal if you are working with a tight budget.

    While the pillow is ideal in most aspect, it is relatively pricey, and people who do not love the smell of leather might not prefer it.

    9. Coop Home Goods Premium Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

    best pillow for side stomach sleepers

    If you are looking for something that a unique pillow that is ideal for stomach sleeping, then this would be one of the best picks. Its inner chamber has uniquely shredded memory foam to help it mold to the shape of the sleeper. Besides, it is carefully filled so that it gives you extra springy characteristic for extra comfort all night. Besides, the smooth bamboo cover makes it natural to the skin for a smooth and soothing outlook, and better breathability.


    • Bamboo and memory foam materials are carefully prepared to ensure you get a lovely soothing feeling.
    • It has anti-microbial attributes and antibacterial qualities that make sleeping healthier
    • Its superior air flow quality makes this piece enjoyable and more appealing because it clears perspiration and cools the body.

    The pillow can be lumpy just like other memory foam pillows. However, users find it more enjoyable because you can thin out or add more to get the support you anticipate.

    10. Serta IComfort Scrunch Pillow, King

    good pillows for stomach sleepers

    This top rated pillow has become sensational because o its unique characteristics. Even for people who would like to take it to camps and outdoors, it is not voluptuous and can b moved with ease. It is made from 90% polyester and 10% rayon to give it a blend of comfort and utter durability to allow it serve you for long periods of time. The foam used in the design is embedded with beads that enhance its breathability to cool temperature at night.


    • It is slim enough for ideal support to a stomach sleeper.
    • Its small and thin size makes it a perfect piece to carry and enjoy sleeping outdoors
    • It is extra soft and beads allow air to circulate easily to cool temperatures when you sleep

    While this pillow is no doubt among the best in the market, we found it to be pricey. However, its unique characteristics overshadowed this con, and it is one of the best pieces to invest in.

    How to choose Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers ?

    When you set out looking for the best stomach sleepers’ pillows, it is important to be cognizant of shape, cover, size, and cost before picking the right piece. Because most pillows designed for stomach sleepers have a thin shape to ensure that the angle of the neck and back is natural, it is important to understand your ideas size. Well, the standard adult would require the common size.

    However, people with larger chests and tummies would require bigger sizes to elevate the shoulders and head.
    The pillow construction materials

    The springy design of any pillow is determined by the materials used to make it. Though these are mainly the same as for other pillows, the difference comes from how they are applied to get the requisite effect. These materials include gel, water, latex, shredded memory foam, and memory foam.

    breast pillow for stomach sleepers

    • Memory foam:

    This is the commonest of all the pillow construction materials for stomach sleepers. Pillow designed using memory foam is good because they do not lose their shape even after a long period of use. When the memory foam is used as a block, it is relatively rigid and less desirable or stomach sleepers. This makes top brands prefer memory foam to give clients longevity and higher value for money.

    • Shredded memory foam:

    While the memory foam is usually block and does not shift from side to side, the shredded design involves cutting it into small pieces. Therefore, the stomach sleeper is sure of displacing some foam so that the pillow takes the shape of the head and neck for total support. This makes the shredded memory filled pillows better for stomach sleepers.

    • Water filled/ gel filled pillows:

    Water or gel has increasingly become a medium of choice for filling pillows. Unlike the foam or micro-beads, water/gel is filled in a leak-proof inner chamber and then covered in a couple of layers. The advantage o gel filled pillow is that it does not lose the firmness. Besides, they are cooler because water is added directly from the tap so that the entire night is cool and enjoyable.

    • Latex filled pillows:

    Latex is preferred by some brands because of firmness and strength. It usually has springy and resilient characteristics that make it ideal especially for pillows that are used for firm support. Latex may be used as a solid core which gives the pillow a bouncy and springy feeling or granulated fillings that take the shape of the neck head or other part of the body. They are ideal for people who love to shift from one sleeping position to another.

    • Micro-bead materials:

    These pillows work in the same way corn or beans operate when filled in a play bag. The material mostly used as micro-bead is buckwheat of foam beads. The core advantage of this material is that the pillows have extra breathability for better cooling and calmness. Similar to the gel filled pillows, the micro-beaded ones also require a number of layers for extra comfort and softness.

    • Fiber Materials:

    Fiber, mostly cotton fibers, is used to make top quality and luxurious pillows. However, the cotton materials have very low elasticity and, therefore, tend to be harder and less suitable for side sleepers. They are often hard and less flexible and will easily flatten causing unnecessary discomfort. To solve the problem, designers combine the fiber with either micro-beads or shredded foam material to get pieces that superior and very luxurious.

    The Pillow Covering Material And Design

    No matter the inner filling materials that a pillow is made of, the part that comes into contact with the pillow is its cover. When selecting pillow for stomach sleeping, the cover is even more important because it touches the chest, neck, and head. The best material should be natural, soft, and smooth ton touch. A naturally derived material will easily hold to the skin to avoid irritation. Good examples, in this case, include bamboo-derived pillow covers, cotton made pillow covers, and silk designed pillow covers.

    A good covering material should also be strong enough to withstand pressure of the pillow fillers. As you lay on the pillow, the weight of the neck, head and chest is transferred into the pillow and expressed through the cover. To know this, look at the seams and stitches that hold the pillow cover and confirm that they are done perfectly. Besides, if the pillow comes with a trial period, use it to test the effectiveness of the cover.

    Notably, stomach sleepers pillows, and others as well do not get dirty easily because they are used in the bedroom. However, it is the pillow cover that gets dirty from exposure to dust, perspiration and other dirt in the house. Therefore, the cover should be strong and easy to remove or regular cleaning. Pick a pillow with an easy to clean and dry as regularly as possible.

    The designer brand

    The designer brand of a pillow is very important when selecting the right piece for stomach sleeping. Over the years, new companies have emerged and keep sending pillows into the market with the label, “best pillows”. However, not all of these brands can be tested. The best brand is the one that has its core objective hinged on customer satisfaction and delivering value or money. To know this, it is important o check, or the companies that have been in the market for some time have become known for sending top rated pillows into the market.

    The client can also know this by reading through pillow designers reviews. These reviews are done by experts who dig deeper into these manufacturers operations to review their operations, vision and work ethics. Among the top names that you will come across, and you should consider buying from include DC Labs, Pancake Pillows, Coop Home Goods, Serta, Exceptional Sheets, and Slim Sleeper. Always remember that a good pillow starts with the designer.

    Cost of the pillow

    Your ability to buy and use a specific type of pillow is dependent on whether you can afford it or not. The ever rising cost of living has at times pushed some people to the edge and compromised their ability to buy the right pieces for their bedrooms. Therefore, the best way is to get the pillow that is affordable to you. Here, it is not a matter of picking the cheapest piece, but getting the top most quality at affordable rates.

    Once you set out the budget you prefer for your best pillow for stomach sleepers, check with a number of stores that have discounts and offers. At every moment, you will never miss a brand and store selling its pillows at reduced rates to attract more clients. You can also enjoy lower rates by purchasing the pillow together with other items so that you hit the threshold for additional discounts and cut-offs life free shipping. All of this will end up lowering the cost of the piece you pick.

    The general appeal of the pillow

    While the core objective of looking for the right pillow for stomach sleepers is support and enhanced posture, one thing that can never be left out is general appeal. A pillow is an important bedroom accessory that should bring a sense of style and class. This characteristic is mainly defined by the outer cover of the pillow you pick.

    Therefore, select a pillow that is designed with bright materials to make the bedroom more enthralling and attractive. For adults, do not forget that this is a place to express your love and every piece should be carefully selected to enhance the general attractiveness.

    The pillow design, color, and size should help to reinforce your bedroom theme. Often, people look forward to changing the design and outlook of their bedrooms through smaller items such as the pillow, bedcovers and curtains. The pillow you pick should, additional to helping provide the support you need, rhyme with the current theme. If they do not rhyme well, the chances are that they will be pushed away after a short use.

    Long warranties

    A good pillow is the one that comes with a long warranty. Good designers ensure that their pillows are carefully constructed, materials selected well and priced affordably for clients to buy. More importantly, they attach warranties to guarantee to clients that they never left anything aside when designing the pillows. When you pick a pillow with a long warranty, the seller indicates that he is ready to take responsibility if something goes wrong.
    Warranties, like experts emphasize, indicate companies that want to be associated more with their clients. Because they want you to get more, enjoy every night and give a satisfying story, companies that have warranties want to maintain a good image in the market. In fact, warranties have at times been used to mean that a product has been perfectly done. However, it is advisable to look into all aspects, warranty included.

    Select what comes with ample trial period

    When you pick an item from the store and more so from an online seller, you should always ensure there is ample period to test the item. This is the same case with pillows. The pillow for stomach sleepers should, therefore, be the pieces that have ample time to test and ascertain that hat has been advertised is true. Take time to read through the seller’s policy to ensure that you have ample time to test and if not satisfied, chance to return the pillow for a full refund.

    Who requires using a stomach support pillow?

    Stomach sleeping is usually relieving, and fun too. It is because of this that most people find themselves shifting to this position after trying and realizing how satisfying it is.

    • Children:

    Children love side sleeping when they get into their beds. The position is fun, relaxes the spine and allows for faster energy replenishment. It is, therefore, crucial that you get the best pillow for them that anchor their developing bones.

    • Adults:

    Adults, like children, also find stomach sleeping enjoyable and should get the best pillow for it. By getting the best stomach sleeping pillow, they can relax their hands, legs and spine independently after taking the natural posture. To enjoy this position, even more, it is important to take a pillow that has extra breathability.

    • Pregnant mothers:

    Many pregnant mothers, especially in their early months of pregnancy, prefer to sleep on their stomachs. While this sleeping position is discouraged especially when pregnancy advances, the best thing for women who find it irresistible is getting the best pillow for side sleepers. The pillow will provide the support you need without causing unnecessary tension to the developing child especially during the first trimester.

    • Elderly people:

    As people age, sleeping on their side may prove quite problematic because of associated neck and back problems. However, sleeping on the stomach makes it easy to get the perfect head, neck and spine alignment for total relaxation.

    • People who love sleeping during the day:

    Sleeping on the stomach has one advantage that makes the people more attracted to it; blindfolding the eyes completely. This is a unique consideration because once you face the pillow; you block all light getting into the eyes and fall asleep fast. This is particularly crucial for people who love sleeping during the day.


    Getting the best pillow for stomach sleepers has not always been easy because of the large numbers of brands and designs on the market today. However, the above review has provided the top best pieces that will change how you sleep completely. Though some are pricey as it came out during the review, their effectiveness is worth it.

    Besides, the buyer guide is comprehensive in helping to bring out all aspects of the pillows so that you can make the right choices for extra satisfaction and high value for money.

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