Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain 2020 (Reviews With Ultimate Buyers Guide)

    If there is anything worse that can ruin your smile for the day and sleep for the night, it’s shoulder pain. Overcoming a recent shoulder injury can leave you with a lingering pain, which might worsen to further complicate your life. This is a reason why doctors and medical experts recommend using the right shoulder pillow that would stand compatible with your sleeping position. In fact, it’s a pillow that helps your neck and shoulders get the right shape, support, and firmness so as to eliminate the lingering pain and keeps your posture sustained. So, the best pillow for shoulder pain is definitely a necessity if you are willing to stay fit and happy.

    8 Top Rated Pillow For Shoulder Pain Reviews

    1. Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain will now stay miles away from your body with this orthopedic pillow from the house of Coisum. Made of premium quality memory foam, it is moderately firm and cradles your head so as to eliminate neck and shoulder pain. Equipped with a slope, it keeps your head in position while the cutouts on the side let you place your arm at rest. This pillow is just perfect for both side and back sleepers who can be assured to have quality sleep. With the facility of temperature sensing, the memory foam lets the pillow to stand compatible with the neck and leaves the user with a painless posture.

    Features and Specifications:

    • An ergonomic bed pillow from Coisum designed to support the neck and shoulders of side and back sleepers
    • Uses memory foam of superior quality and sustains moderate firmness, giving the user complete relief and a good night’s sleep
    • Back sleepers having cervical issues will find beneficial sleeping on the pillow’s higher side with horns at two sides
    • Pillowcase provided is easy to remove and wash and is also quite safe
    • Involves no use of harmful chemicals as it is Certi-PUR certified
    • Useful for aged people and office goers

    • Best for people with chronic neck pain
    • Muscles are relaxed while one sleeps
    • Suitable for all types of sleeping positions
    • Relieves neck pain and stiffness, allowing the user to sleep in peace
    • Pillow starts flattening after a few months of use
    • Not hypoallergenic, raising a question on safety

    2. Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow

    Accutrig unlocks an amazing TMJ relief pillow that would now work towards relieving pressure at the disrupted joint where the jaw meets the skull. This would keep the joint realigned and bring immense relief to one’s pain. Be it headache, migraine, backache or shoulder pain, this traction device will keep the spine aligned and make him/her sleep with no disturbance. So, even if you are tired after a long, hectic day, just lie on this pillow and all your stress will take an escape route. Just make sure to rest it on a flat surface so that you can lie on it with absolute pleasure.

    Features and Specifications:

    • TMJ relief pillow by Accutrig is an ultimate neck soother that sustains the shoulder alignment and keeps the user at peace
    • A natural muscle soother, it eliminates tensions, stress, migraines etc. to assure an undisturbed slumber for the user
    • Pillow can be used on a daily basis for at least 15 minutes without any complication or chances of back pain
    • TMJ pillow has been designed to cradle your neck and head, thereby soothing tight muscles and relieving tension
    • Dimensions of the pillow are 9.3 x 7.3 x 5.7 inches while it weighs only 8.8 ounces

    • Relieves tension in the neck and shoulders as well
    • Can be used conveniently to watch television
    • Allows the neck muscles to feel relaxed
    • Light in weight and quite user-friendly
    • Leaves no pain for users after a good night’s sleep
    • Foamed area comprises stains that make it look dull
    • Base made of poor quality plastic

    3. Neck Pain Relief Pillow – Hot/Cold Therapeutic Pillows

    If a good night’s rest is what you have been craving for, this Neck pain Relief Pillow will bring it for you. Therapeutic in nature, it has been designed to help people eliminate stress and migraine to a good extent. Equipped with a heated neck covering, it provides the user complete relief from neck and shoulder pain as well. Having made of diverse organic materials, it provides complete relief from nervous tension. Also, it has a cooling support technology that keeps the user on it cool and composed for hours. So, all those who are suffering from sore muscles will love going for a cold therapy treatment with this amazing pillow.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Having made of organic cotton, this Neck Pain Relief Pillow comes with a neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave
    • Sustains heat for thirty minutes and keeps the users neck warm, resulting in a very soothing experience
    • Cooling therapy for people with migraine as well as those who have sleeping problems
    • Great pillow for people having arthritis and needs to be kept in the freezer for better healing results
    • Beneficial for people who travel long distances

    • Amazing fragrance and quite pleasant for users
    • Comfortable grips the user’s neck
    • Minimizes pressure on the neck
    • Holds the ability to mold as per your desired shape
    • Has the right size that fits users with varying heights
    • Weighs a bit heavier in comparison to other pillows
    • Lavender fragrance is too strong to bear

    4. Milliard Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam (Long Pillow)

    Relaxation will now seem to be extremely pleasurable when you will lie on this body pillow by Milliard. Having made of shredded memory foam, it is long in size and can, therefore, be laid back with enough space to unwind. The pillow is quite soft and has been stuffed into an insert that is quite accessible, leading to double the comfort. It comes with an outer cover that is made of jacquard bamboo and is completely washable. What’s unique about it is that it suits all types of sleepers, be it back, front, side or stomach sleepers.

    Features and Specifications:

    • A long size body pillow from the house of Milliard and made of shredded memory foam that allows it to mold with the body
    • Designed to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders, it can easily stand compatible with a full-size mattress
    • Scoring high in versatility, it is quite helpful for front sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers
    • Pillow can be of multiple uses, whether it is providing body-support, relaxation or simply elevating back

    • Light in weight and can be carried easily
    • Allows a smooth flow of air and keeps the user cool
    • Safe to lie upon as it does not have mites
    • Offers excellent support for the bones
    • Can be easily machine washed
    • Emits bad odor making it unpleasant for users
    • Not a good choice for pregnant women

    5. Contour Pillow Great for Sleeping

    Here comes an innovative sleeping solution by Remedy in the form of a U-shaped bed pillow that would now take good care of your posture while you are asleep. In this process, you will stay away from any sort of neck or back strain after waking up. With built-in ear pockets on both sides, this pillow will be great for side sleepers who will be able to position their head and neck accurately. Airplane travelers will find it quite useful as this pillow would cut down a good deal of stress and will make bring you pain-free sleep every night.

    Features and Specifications:

    • U-shaped bed pillow for sleeping brought to you by Remedy with the intention to improve the posture of side sleepers
    • Comes with a built-in ear pocket on both the sides that help to maintain the best possible posture during sleep
    • Convenient for frequent travelers who can use it during flight trips or when traveling long distances
    • A perfect replacement for sleeping with multiple pillows together as it cradles your body so as to avoid tossing and turning
    • Cushion made of poly-fiber and pillow cover made of good quality cotton

    • Leaves the user with no neck pain or headache
    • Great for side sleepers as it provides more support at the side
    • Holds on to the shape well and doesn’t get flat easily
    • Quite supportive and responsive as well
    • Curved opening is quite small
    • Not so easy to position over the shoulder
    • Tendency of mold growing on it

    6. UTTU Sandwich Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

    A totally incredible sleeping experience is waiting for you as this UTTU sandwich pillow comes in a unique design along with an ability to adjust its height. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you will just enjoy taking long painless slumbers on it. For being made with UTTU dynamic foam, it scores high on comfort and molds quite naturally as per your body’s curve. It ensures stability in terms of firmness while its ergonomic design makes it an awesome pick for sleepers looking forward to eliminating back and shoulder pain.

    Features and Specifications:

    • UTTU brings a sandwich pillow with adjustable loft designed to fix neck pain and backache for all types of sleepers
    • Bring an orthopedic contour pillow, it provides support in the best possible manner to the user’s neck and head
    • Exclusive dynamic foam makes this pillow stand out in terms of providing comfort, sustaining posture and promoting spine alignment
    • With therapeutic abilities, it has been ergonomically designed so as to ease shoulder stiffness to a good extent
    • Safety assured for its cover made of polyester and bamboo, making it hypoallergenic and mite resistant

    • Pressure relief points provided to ensure a good night’s sleep
    • Comes with a loft that can be adjusted
    • Stays soft even in cold weather and keeps the user comfortable
    • Best for back sleepers

    7. Xixi Home Pillows for Sleeping

    Pillows being both soft and safe contribute well towards ensuring restful slumber, and this sleeping home pillow from the house of Xixi is a high-scoring one in this context. For being made of shredded memory foam, it feels so soft on the skin that you will feel like unwinding forever. Having made from a combination of polyester and bamboo, it is absolutely durable and mite-resistant as well. Ideal for all sorts of sleepers, be it side, front, back or stomach, this memory foam stuffed pillow is just awesome for all sorts of sleeping postures.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Combining bamboo and polyester, this sleeping home pillow from Xixi is super durable and mite resistant as well
    • Bamboo cover provided is both breathable and thick that makes it cool and cozy for users to lie upon
    • Made of original memory foam that is CertiPUR-US accredited and hence proves to be quite safe and protected
    • High on comfort, this pillow comes with a removable cover that can be washed as well with mild soap and water
    • Offers excellent support for your neck and relieves pain at the back, thereby making the user sleep comfortably

    • Perfect for stomach sleepers with neck and shoulder pain
    • Comes out in perfect shape from the package and molds to its usual shape faster
    • Quite soft and supportive, making sleep a pleasure
    • Very comfortable to lie upon
    • Smells bad according to some users
    • Emits heat and leaves users with sweat
    • Not quite adjustable as promised

    8. SmartDelux Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

    Good news for loud snorers who too can now have quality sleep on this orthopedic pillow by SmartDelux. Moreover, you can now keep your neck and shoulders safer as this cervical pillow provides extra support. Having an ergonomic design, its uniquely curved design is just perfect for adding support to your side and even back postures. What makes it pleasant to lie upon is its gel infused memory foam that molds with your body and offers therapeutic support to your neck and shoulders. With detachable pillow protectors, it is an ideal pick for people with sleeplessness and morning headaches.

    Features and Specifications:

    • SmartDelux brings a high neck pillow made of good quality memory foam that makes it softer and great for a good night’s sleep
    • Ergonomically designed, it has an exclusive curved shape that adds a good deal of stability to one’s head and neck, back, and side
    • Gel infused memory foam makes this pillow adapt perfectly with your body, thereby proving to be therapeutic for a restful sleep
    • Great for different sleeping positions, it has a king size, making it ample space for the user to sleep

    • Side sleepers will find it quite helpful to sleep for hours
    • Resting area for the neck is quite firm and supportive
    • Comfort guaranteed for long hours for being made of memory foam
    • Keeps the spine aligned in the right manner
    • Causes headaches and puts stress on the neck during sleep
    • Not enough support for your hands to place

    What to Consider When Choosing a Pillow for Shoulder Pain

    Prior to buying the best pillow for shoulder pain, people keep asking how pillows actually keep shoulder pain at bay. Well, the primary job your pillow does is that it holds on to your spine’s natural alignment. Side sleepers require thicker pillows whereas others prefer choosing luxury pillows that would mold with the body. So, a pillow meant to check your shoulder pain is not all about luxury but relates more with comfort and positioning. Apart from these, it is always important to know the factors before picking the right pillow for shoulder pain.

    So, here is the checklist for all those who are heading to buy the best pillow for shoulder pain. Take a quick look:

    • Position of sleeping –

    You sleep just the way you want, isn’t it? But if you love sleeping on your stomach, things might go wrong, that is, your shoulders, spine, and neck might go wrongly aligned. Even if you prefer sleeping on your side, you need to be careful in allowing a bit of your shoulder to stay in front of the pillow. So, the best way is to sleep on your back as you can position your shoulders on the pillow correctly for a good night’s sleep.

    • Type of pillow –

    Of course, this has to be a major factor behind choosing a good pillow for shoulder pain. Since there are different types of pillows available in the market, it would be wise if you can pick a specific one. For instance, there are contour pillows, standard pillows, and multi-level pillows, and each pillow has a role of its kind.

    Where standard pillows are common in almost every bed, contour pillows are better in terms of alleviating shoulder pain. On the contrary, multi-level pillows are more of miniature sofas that come with special support points for the neck and shoulders.

    • Size of the pillow –

    While choosing a pillow for your shoulder pain, what stands crucial as to how big or short the user is. If the user is a kid, the pillow required should not be too big. On the other hand, if he/she is an adult, it would be advisable to buy a big sized pillow. In other words, size does matter for pillows designed to eradicate shoulder pain.

    • Thickness of the pillow–

    In order to safeguard your shoulders, a thicker pillow can do a great job. Firstly, it ensures proper alignment of the shoulders while your head and neck get adequate support. So, if your pillow is not thick enough, chances are that you might catch a strained neck.

    • How crushable the pillow is –

    The crushable factor of a pillow depends on the type of materials used for it. If it fails to come back to its normal shape after getting compressed, the pillow would not be a good choice to consider. The best ones are the memory foam pillows because these are incredibly crushable, no matter how long you wish to keep it compressed.

    Although there are other factors, the ones mentioned above are crucial and would play a key role in keeping your shoulder pain in control.


    Finally, you have come to know what it means to have the right pillow for alleviating shoulder pain. Well, the 21st-century users are mostly going for the ones made of memory foam due to their crushability and of course durability. If you are choosing a contour pillow over a standard one, make sure it is serving your purpose and promises you uninterrupted sleep. Remember, the best pillow for shoulder pain should play no tricks with your shoulder alignment. Once it ensures complete support to your neck and shoulders, you are sure to overcome all bodily complications with time.

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