Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows Reviews For 2020

    We all want to have a relaxing, comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Our body needs sleep to recover and wake to a new day feeling energized and ready to take on what the day has to offer. But despite the importance of sleep to our health, many of us take it for granted.

    Now is a good time to change that. By making your bedroom a conducive place to sleep in, you can improve your overall health. Start by choosing the best memory foam pillows. These pillows, with their ability to conform to the shape of the head, can provide a solution to various sleep concerns such as a stiff neck.

    Not all memory foam pillows out there are created equal. There are even those that do not really contain real memory foam. This is why you have to be wary about what you are buying. Let us help you find the best memory foam pillows for your needs.

    10 Best Rated Memory Foam Pillows Reviews

    1. Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

    Isn’t it annoying when you sleep and you just can’t find the right position where your head will feel comfortable because the pillow only offers one level of comfort? That will change if you get this adjustable loft pillow. You can adjust its level of thickness to suit your needs. Simply unzip the case and the liner and remove some of the memory foam fills inside or add more as you wish.

    This pillow has three layers of goodness. The outer layer is its case that you can easily wash because it has a zip. It has a quilted geometric pattern that gives it a unique appearance. Next to it is the liner. For the liner, they made use of a stretchy kind of material that easily conforms to the shape of the case and the fill. It’s also breathable, so it allows air to circulate better. The next is the memory foam fill.

    The memory foam fill is actually a mixture of medium-firm bits and pieces of memory foam and microfiber material. It isn’t completely made from memory foam, which is good if you don’t want the pillow to be too firm. Memory foam is a dense material, so it has a tendency to be firm. The addition of the microfiber material balances that out. An extra ½ lb. fill is included with your purchase.

    The cover of this pillow is also hypoallergenic, great for allergy sufferers. It is made from 40% bamboo-derived rayon and 60% polyester material. It is also resistant to dust mites. The surface doesn’t collect dirt and dust easily and you can easily wash it when needed.

    • Green pillow. Safe even for children.
    • Comfortable but supportive
    • Retains its good quality even after many uses
    • Great for upper back and neck pain
    • Affordable
    • Available in queen and king sizes
    • Requires fluffing from time to time
    • Has an initial “memory foam” smell

    2. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    Snuggle-Pedic claims that this pillow is similar to a down pillow but different because it doesn’t become flat overtime. Upon closer inspection, we can say that it does offer great comfort and support to a variety of sleepers. Whether you prefer sleeping on your side, on your stomach or on your back, you can easily customize its comfort to fit your needs.

    First, the exterior cover design is well-thought-out. It is made from a 43% viscose made from Bamboo, 56.4% polyester material and 0.6% of lycra material. What this odd combination of numbers means is that you have a more natural pillow cover that still provides a good level of breathability. You can still use it in the summer because it doesn’t retain heat as many other memory foam pillows do. The exterior cover and the liners are also dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic. Say goodbye to mornings waking up to incessant sneezing and sniffles.

    It’s unclear though how much memory foam fills are actually in it. However, the manufacturer said they only use materials that are non-toxic and are eco-friendly, which means this pillow can also be used by children. The fills used are also certified by CertiPUR-US and are devoid of ozone depleters and harmful flame retardants materials.

    The adjustability of their pillows also goes beyond providing you with extra fills to put more as needed, you can also contact them to let them know what kind of foam mix you prefer. If you prefer something heavier or with more firmness, they can customize the fill for you. If you want the pillow to be more on the bouncy side, they can arrange that for you as well.

    • Machine washable
    • Great fill formulation and level of firmness
    • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
    • Breathable zipped cover
    • Affordable price
    • Standard size might be too small for others
    • A little heavier than what you might be used to

    3. Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Adjustable Thickness Memory Foam Pillow

    This pillow did not win awards for no reason. It brings a lot of good benefits to the table no matter what kind of sleeper you are. Like many of the adjustable pillows out there, you can easily take out or add fills to this pillow. Just unzip it and adjust its thickness to your level of comfort.

    The foams they used for fills are CertiPUR-US certified, so you can be assured that they are safe to use. They don’t emit harmful gases and they don’t contain substances that can cause health problems. This is why this can be a safe option even for children or pregnant women.

    The shredded memory foam in it has a semi-firm comfort level. Even when shredded into smaller sizes for fills, these foams are capable of retaining their original shape. They still effectively do what memory foams do – which is to conform to the shape of your body. The result? A pillow that can alleviate aches and pains. You can use it as a regular pillow for the head, put it under your knee for support when suffering from an injury, prop it against your back while working or use it to support your stomach during pregnancy.

    The cover is made from a blend of bamboo and other textile material. The manufacturer made use of their Kool-Flow technology, which allows better ventilation and helps in circulating air effectively. You don’t have to worry about waking up with a sweaty face because your pillow gets hot at night. Like the previous products, the cover of this pillow is also hypoallergenic, perfect for allergy sufferers.

    • Machine-washable
    • Not too expensive
    • Comfortable and supportive
    • No more allergic reactions
    • Can help reduce neck pain and headaches
    • Is quite durable
    • It is slightly on the firm side
    • Initial factory smell

    4. Classic Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

    Unlike other memory foam pillows that are stuffed with shredded fills, this one is completely made from foam. The inside features a 5-inch loft memory foam. One of the most notable characteristics of this memory foam is its open cell structure. There are tiny holes all over the pillow, which allows air to pass through the cells of the pillow to prevent heat retention. With this feature, you can comfortably use it in the summer and avoid problems like overheating.

    The small holes also make the pillow more responsive. It is more capable of conforming to the shape of your head or the rest of your body, which makes it a great option no matter what your preferred sleeping position is. It is ideal for both back and side sleepers.

    The firmness level is more in the mid-range. It is not as stiff and firm as other memory mattresses out there but it still has a slight give and softness to it that is ideal for people with neck and back pain.

    This foam is encased in a velour cotton-blend knit cover that feels soft and plush. You might not even need to use a pillowcase anymore since the cover is also machine washable.

    All the materials you can find in this are natural and hypoallergenic. You can also use this for your child’s bedroom. Since there are no harmful components that are toxic, it is safe for people with sensitive health.

    • Ventilated, so it prevents overheating in the summer
    • Semi-firm comfort is great for people with neck and upper back pain
    • Natural and hypoallergenic
    • Cheaper than others
    • Comes in a complete foam, not a fill
    • Some might find them too firm. Needs time to break-in.
    • Might be too thick for smaller people

    5. WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

    This is a gel-infused kind of memory foam that conforms to the shape of your upper body. It is designed to provide relief from pain and helps sufferers from headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain manage their condition. The blue memory foam has small holes that serve as ventilation for the material. This supposedly helps in dissipating internal heat to prevent the memory foam pillow from getting too hot in the summer, a common concern when it comes to memory foam pillows.

    When you order this pillow, it comes compressed and rolled. It fits a regular-sized shipping box. Just remove it from its plastic casing and it will decompress. It is not adjustable like the filled ones but you can choose from three different levels of thickness and sizes. You have various options that will match your sleep needs. If you choose the standard size, you get a pillow with a 16 x 25-inch size and a 5-inch loft.

    The quilted outer cover is made from a soft textile material that you can remove and then washing in your washing machine, to keep your pillow looking and smelling fresh and clean.

    This foam is also CertiPUR-US certified, so you know that you are using a pillow that brings safety and comfort to the table. Your purchase is also backed by a warranty. If you prefer using a pillow that is firmer than your average down pillow, you definitely should give this a try.

    • Has an open cell structure for regulated heat
    • Conforms to the shape of your body
    • Firmer, great for alleviating aches and pains
    • Size is just right for average people
    • Cover is easy to remove and put on
    • Cooling effect is average. Might not be great in the middle of the summer.

    6. Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Memory Foam Pillow

    This pillow strives to give you cloud-like comfort. What sets this apart from other memory foam pillows is that they made it extra breathable. From its textile stretch-knit cover that is soft and plush to the touch to the inside visco foam core that has been infused with air and additional mesh trim on the sides to allow air to circulate through the foam, it is a kind of pillow that prevents heat retention better than its competitors.

    This pillow only comes in one size. It has a length of 15.7 inches, a height of 5.5 inches and a width of 23.6 inches. The foam height is similar to other memory foam pillows. There are holes in the foam of the pillow that serve as vents to allow heat to dissipate.

    Out of all the memory foam pillows in this list, this one has the best design when it comes to its cover. The quilted swirl design is attractive although you have the option of using a pillowcase. If you are not sure yet whether a memory foam pillow is good for you, you can still give this a try. They are offering a 30-day trial. If you don’t like it, you can return it.

    The semi-firm comfort level suits most users. It can be ideal for side and back sleepers as well as those who have issues like back and neck pain. It is also devoid of harmful substances like ozone depletes, harmful flame-retardant materials and heavy metals.

    • Cooling gel works. Pillow stays cool even in the summer heat.
    • Comfortable pillow that promotes great sleep
    • Excellent pillow for back pain sufferers
    • Provides great support to the head
    • The ridge of the pillow tends to be hard
    • Needs to be aired out because of the foam smell

    7. Malouf Z Memory Foam Pillow with Tencel Removable Cover

    Change the way you look at memory foams with this one from Malouf Z. First, they made use of Tencel material for its outer cover. This is an all-natural kind of fiber that has been crafted from tree wood pulp. It is recyclable, so it is better for the environment.

    When mixed with cotton, Tencel retains its shape and doesn’t get easily wrinkly. But its most notable benefit is its silky texture. It feels luxurious to the touch, best as a pillow material. And since it is similar to silk, it is also a cooler fabric compared to cotton.

    The cover can also be removed for easier cleaning. It also has good moisture-controlling properties, so it doesn’t get moldy over time. You can get three sizes of this memory foam pillow. The low loft one is 4.5 inches tall, the mid loft one is 6 inches tall and the high loft one is 7 inches tall. You can find the loft that is more suitable for your needs.

    The dough formula gives their memory foam a dough-like texture. It conforms to the shape of your head but doesn’t let your head sink. It still provides a good balance between cushiony comfort and support. And like the other memory foam pillows, this one also features an open cell structure, which allows air to circulate through the material. It can stay comfortably cool in the summer season.

    • Great ventilation
    • Unique comfort
    • High loft option, great for side sleepers with back problems
    • Backed by a 5-year warranty
    • Resistant to dust mites and allergens
    • Springs back into its original shape easily
    • Initial foam smell
    • High loft version might be too firm for some

    8. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper – Firm Memory Foam Pillow

    This memory foam pillow is for people who prefer a thin pillow. Its loft height is only 2.5 inches, making this a great option for stomach sleepers or those who want to get an additional height to their existing pillow but don’t like getting another one just like their current one.

    Since it is thinner than other memory foam pillows out there, it actually has a lot of benefits including bolstering the upper portion of the bed to prevent snoring, improving spinal support and enhance breathing. People with shoulder and back pain can also benefit from this. The inside of the pillow is made from a high-quality memory foam that also has hypoallergenic benefits. It is the perfect “healthy” pillow choice of people suffering from allergies. It even has anti-fungal and anti-dust mites benefits.

    Another thing that sets this pillow apart from the others is its half pillow design. The top portion is rounded while the bottom is flat. It’s ideal for people who usually don’t fluff up their pillow or flip it to the other side. It’s designed to be used on one side only.

    Although it is thinner, it is still a good memory foam option. It still has the bounce quality you can find in memory foams. The exterior cover is removable. It is made from 100% cotton material that you can simply pop in the washing machine if it needs cleaning. It is soft as well, which can compensate for its thin attributes.

    • Great as an additional pillow
    • Great for lower back support and can be used under the knees as well
    • Small enough to be used for traveling
    • Does great in providing comfort
    • Inexpensive option
    • Great for light sleepers
    • Might be too soft from some
    • The cover has a tendency to pill

    9. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

    Now you can take your favorite memory foam technology anywhere you want with this pillow. It is designed to provide 360 degrees comfort, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect comfort when using it for traveling.

    It is made from a high-quality memory foam material that effectively cradles the head and springs back into its original position when not being used. The back portion is flatter, so you can lean back against your seat comfortably. You can lead your head from side to side and it will still feel comfortable no matter what your preferences are.

    The memory foam used is also vented, so it doesn’t get too hot. You can also easily remove the cover and machine-wash it, so it is ready and fresh every time you need it for your trip. It comes with a travel bag that compresses the pillow to a small size, so it is easier to pack away in your suitcase and store it when not needed.

    It also comes with a set of earplugs. If you don’t feel like socializing when traveling or if the person seated next to you is noisy, you definitely need the extra earplugs this comes with. There is also a compartment on the side of the pillow where you can slide your phone in. This makes it easier to reach it or access it when needed.

    • One of the most comfortable neck pillows out there
    • Like sleeping on a cloud
    • Surround comfort
    • Soft cover
    • Can last for a long time
    • Easy to store when not needed
    • Hefty price tag
    • Media pocket is not big enough for bigger phones

    10. Comfort & Relax Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow

    This is a different kind of memory foam pillow because it has a contoured shape. It has a wave design that cradles the head better and gives your head a more angled lift, so it can alleviate all sorts of sleep issues. It is helpful in getting a deeper and more restorative sleep and also ideal for snorers and those with vascular diseases. It can also help in alleviating stiff neck.

    The memory foam used in this pillow is infused with a gel material that not only provides comfort and support but also prevents the foam from getting too hot.

    The polyester material cover is also breathable, so it doesn’t get too hot in the summer season. It is comfortable and has a good stretch to it, so it can withstand wear and tear. You can take off the cover to wash it. The external cover is also made up of 35% Tencel, which is a kind of fabric that offers silk-like comfort. It feels luxurious and comfortable.

    This pillow is devoid of harmful chemicals, which makes it a safe option even for those with sensitive health. It is also a healthy kind of pillow because it is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, and molds. It’s not designed to be used in areas where it is hit by direct sunlight. You also need to air it out for a few minutes first before using it since it does have a fresh foam odor.

    • Comfortable and provides great quality sleep
    • Supports the neck well
    • It is softer and has a doughier texture compared to others
    • Unique wave-like shape
    • Initial chemical smell

    Memory Foam vs. Traditional Down Pillow

    There are a lot of differences to down pillows and memory foam pillows.  Down pillows are softer and plusher. They are ideal for people who like that cloud-like softness and who prefer their head to sink in the pillow. Memory foams, on the other hand, tend to be firmer. It is a kind of foam that follows the contour of the body, which is why it works better for people who prefer something with more support such as those who frequently get neck and back pain. Memory foam pillows are also better for people who have sleep issues like snoring. It is more ideal for side and back sleepers as well while down pillows are generally better for stomach sleepers.

    Many memory foam pillows today are also hypoallergenic. Down pillows, on the other hand, tend to be filled with allergenic components that can trigger sneezing and other signs of allergic reactions.

    Which Sizes are Available for Memory Foam Pillows?

    Memory foam pillows are available in different sizes. They can come in standard, queen and king sizes. You can even find body pillows that are great for people who prefer full-body support. But more than the size, you can also find memory foam pillows with different loft heights. The low-loft height is smaller, just right above 2 inches but below 3 inches. Since they are lower than the standard height of memory foam pillows, they are better as a supplementary kind of pillow. You can use it as an extra pillow when reading or put it on your back if you need more support. Mid-loft pillows are generally the most preferred option because of its ideal height of 5 inches. For high-loft pillows, they generally go above 7 inches. This kind of loft pillow works better for bigger people or for those who like to sleep on their side.

    Who Should Use a Memory Foam Pillow?

    Memory foam pillows are great for anyone who wants a semi-firm comfort level. It can be ideal for kids and adults. Of course, it will boil down to personal preferences, but since there are adjustable ones out there, the size and comfort level of the pillow can be customized to fit the needs of everyone.

    However, here are the people who can benefit more from memory foam pillows:

    • Back and side sleepers

    The semi-firm comfort level and the supportive surface of memory foam pillows make this a better option for people who prefer sleeping on their side or their back.

    • Allergy sufferers

    Most memory foam pillows out there are hypoallergenic. They are also bereft of harsh chemical ingredients that are usually found in other pillows and mattresses. Unlike other pillows such as down pillows where there are fills that can trigger an allergic reaction, this kind of pillow is better for people with sensitive health.

    • Back and neck pain sufferers

    Just make sure you get the right pillow for your needs. Since not all memory foam pillows are the same, you should scrutinize your various options.

    Different Types of Memory Foam Pillows

    Before you go out there and buy memory foam pillows, make sure you know what you are buying first. Here are some of the different types of memory foam pillows you can find out there:

    • Adjustable memory foam pillows

    Adjustable memory foam pillows are made from shredded memory foam materials and other proprietary blends of materials. It is not pure memory foam but can include other types of materials as well. One of the benefits of using this memory foam pillow is that you can adjust its thickness. There are times when you buy a pillow and end up not liking the height. This feature reduces the guessing game.

    Extra fills are provided, so you can add more if you wish and take out some if you don’t like it to be too stuffed. Because it offers flexibility, it is great for those who want something more flexible for their family’s needs.

    These pillows are usually encased in a breathable casing with zippers, so you can easily take out the fills and wash them in your washing machine.

    • Whole foam type memory foam pillows

    These are whole slabs of memory foam pillows encased in a fabric covering. The foam can have an open cell structure with visible holes to allow air to pass through the foam and eliminate trapped heat. Since foams have a tendency to absorb heat, these holes are helpful as they prevent the pillow from getting too hot in the summer season.

    Whole foam memory foam pillows are more supportive and tend to be firmer than their adjustable counterparts. If you are looking for more comfort and support for your backache or neck pain, this can be a good ally.

    • Gel-infused memory foam pillows

    Similar to the previous one, this memory foam pillow has been infused with gel materials. Sometimes, regular memory foam is not capable of regulating the heat that gets trapped in it. That can be rectified with the help of gel materials. The gel helps control the heat that gets trapped in the memory foam pillow, so the pillow is unlikely to get hot in the summer. This is a better option for those who live in hot places.

    • Travel memory foam pillow

    These come in a neck wrap design. You wrap it around your neck and serve as support while you travel. Since it is harder to sleep in a car or on a plane, using this kind of pillow is better. It allows you to get ample head support even when you are not lying down.

    What is great about travel memory foam pillows is that they can be compressed to a small size, so they can fit in your bag better and faster.

    • Thin memory foam pillows

    These memory foam pillows are designed to act as supportive pillows. They can be used on top of another full-sized memory foam pillow, a back support when working or propped under your knees if you want to have elevated knees when sleeping.

    • Wave memory foam pillows

    These have a wave design that conforms better to the shape of the head. Because of the unique design and shape of these memory foam pillows, they work better in alleviating neck and back pain. They are unusual and can take some time getting used to but they are no less comfortable as their traditional memory foam pillow counterparts. These pillows are also supportive and have good breathable features. They also come in cases with a cover, so you can easily slip the cover off and machine-wash it.

    Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows

    Memory foam pillows are designed to solve many of the sleep issues modern-day people have. If you use memory foam pillows, here are the benefits you can get:

    • Better support for the neck and upper body

    These pillows are called “memory” foam pillows for a reason. They “memorize” the contours of the body, so they are more capable of providing support to the various areas of the upper body. They are also firmer, so they don’t allow the upper body to sink, which means you can wake up without feeling all these aches and pains.

    • Helps keep your spine properly aligned

    The spine can get twisted in all sorts of odd angles when you are sleeping. And when you are using the wrong firmness of pillow or when you are using a pillow that is too high, the upper portion of the spine can be pushed forward leading to a hunched shape. That can be avoided with the help of memory foam pillows.

    • Has hypoallergenic properties

    There is nothing in the memory foam pillow that can trigger an allergic reaction. Many of the memory foam pillows sold out there are also made more natural. They don’t contain harmful chemicals, additives, and pesticides that can harm health. If you prefer a non-toxic pillow, you will definitely like memory foam pillows.

    • Doesn’t require fluffing

    Down pillows don’t hold their shape for long. You need to occasionally fluff them or turn them to make sure that they acquire a more even wear and tear. You don’t need to do that with a memory foam pillow. Once you get off the pillow, it will return to its original shape. The adjustable ones might require some fluffing every now and then but you can also put more fills in them if you find that their shape has deflated.

    • May even reduce snoring episodes

    Snoring is a common problem among adults. It can be caused by a number of things but is mainly due to the muscles of the airways relaxing when you sleep. That can block the airways, which leads to snoring. Snoring often worsens when using a soft pillow, which is why semi-firm pillows like memory foam are more helpful when it comes to preventing this sleep condition. You can also go for high-loft ones for added height and to elevate your head to prevent your airways from collapsing during sleep.

    Disadvantages of Memory Foam Pillows

    If there are advantages, there may also be some disadvantages to using memory foam pillows. Here are some of them.

    • Can get too hot in the summer

    First, memory foam is a dense material. Because of its high-density structure, it often absorbs and traps heat. This makes the pillow too hot to use in the summer season. You might wake up sweaty because the pillow you are using is hot. But today, many manufacturers have rectified this problem by creating an open cell structure for the pillows. With this open-cell structure, air can flow better into the foam to allow heat to disperse. There are also cooling gels incorporated to minimize heat retention. Many of these pillows also use breathable covers, so that the heat won’t get trapped inside.

    • Chemical smell

    Another disadvantage is the initial foam smell. They can be off-putting. You can fix this by allowing the memory foam pillow to air out for a few hours before using it. The smell should dissipate naturally as you use the pillow.

    • Heavier

    Memory foam pillows are also usually heavier than their traditional counterparts. The denser the pillow, the heavier it is. If it is purely made from memory foam pillows and no other components, it can be heavy. This might be a disadvantage in the middle of the night when you want to adjust the position of the pillow.

    What Key Features to Look For When Buying a Memory Foam Pillow

    Now that you are ready to try using a memory foam pillow, make sure you get the one that will truly serve you well. To do that, you need to take the following features and factors into consideration:

    • Density/firmness level

    It’s really a matter of personal preference. What others might find comfortable might not feel the same way for you. This is why you need to assess your needs first and determine what kind of sleeper you are. If you like sleeping on your side or your back, you are better off with a pillow that has a semi-firm comfort level. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, something that has more give to it should be a good option.

    Most people prefer a pillow with a semi-firm comfort level. They are not too cushiony that your head will sink and they provide a reasonable level of comfort.

    • Type

    What type of memory foam pillow would suit your needs? The adjustable type of pillows is great for those who don’t know what they want yet. Since you can put more fills or reduce them to get your desired firmness and thickness, it is great for beginners who are not sure what to get. If you prefer something denser or with a firmer comfort level, the full foam types would work.

    • Size and loft

    How big a pillow would fit in your bed? Some manufacturers make standard, queen and king sizes but there are those that might only offer the pillow in one size.

    Consider how high you want the pillow to be as well if you are not getting the adjustable ones. A low-loft kind of memory foam pillow serves as a good supplement pillow. The mid-loft ones are great for a more comfortable sleep while the high-loft ones are better for those with aching neck and back.

    • Heat retention

    Go for features that allow heat to disperse. The ones with open cells and holes in the foam work well when it comes to preventing heat retention. It is also a good idea to get the ones with a cooling gel if you live in areas with intense summer seasons.

    • Fabric cover

    Choose one that has a removable fabric cover, so the pillow is easier to clean. It should also be made from a breathable and soft material that will add to the comfort that you will feel.

    • Weight

    Memory foam pillows tend to be heavier than standard pillows. But do check the weight first before buying. If you have hand issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, lifting a heavy memory foam pillow might be difficult.

    • Price

    Compare the prices of memory foam pillows out there. Many are reasonably-priced but the more features are incorporated, the more expensive it gets. If you need the features they are offering, it might be a good idea to spend more money on a more expensive pillow.

    • Maintenance

    Think about how you will be able to maintain the pillow and if it will succumb easily to wear and tear. As mentioned earlier, a removable cover is a good option because you can easily throw it in the washer and clean it there. If it needs extra maintenance such as vacuuming its surface, it might take more of your time and energy.

    How to Take Care of Your Memory Foam Pillows

    Most memory foam pillows are easy to take care of. They don’t require special techniques to maintain. First, if it has a removable cover, you can simply take that off and machine-wash it using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Check the specifications of your memory foam pillow if it can be submerged in water. If it can be washed, submerge your pillow in a tub full of water and mixed with a gentle cleaning detergent. Wash it in running water and squeeze some of the water out. Let it air dry.

    Avoid exposing your memory foam pillow to direct sunlight. Since they have a tendency to trap heat, they can get overheated inside, which can potentially melt the internal components of the pillow. Also, avoid using a candle right next to your bed. Your memory foam pillow can easily catch fire.

    You can also occasionally vacuum your pillow. Use an upholstery cleaning attachment when vacuuming your pillow. Most memory foam pillows are resistant to dust mites but it doesn’t hurt to vacuum-clean it every now and then.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions about memory foam pillows you need to know:

    • Are memory foam pillows safe to use even for children?

    Many memory foam pillows are safe to use even for younger users. There are memory foam pillows designed for the needs of children. Many brands offer different lofts and there are also those with adjustable features, so everyone in the family can choose the one that suits their needs.

    Memory foam pillows are good for children because they are hypoallergenic. Unlike other pillows like down pillows who might trigger allergic reactions due to their allergenic components, memory foam pillows don’t have such a problem.

    • Should you use a pillowcase for your memory foam pillow?

    Absolutely! There should be no problems using a pillowcase. Memory foam pillows already come with a removable cover but you can also take it up a notch and use a pillowcase that will match your bedding. This also helps prevent wrinkling and pilling of the cover that it comes with. Just make sure you pick a soft and breathable material, possible with a high thread count to complement the benefits of your memory foam pillow.

    • Why does the pillow stink after removing its packaging?

    These odors are just normal for foam pillows. They are not from toxic components in the pillow but just the overall odor of the manufacturing process. It will dissipate on its own. Just air out your pillow and you are great to go.


    Memory foam pillows are truly a good investment. Whether you like to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach, this pillow has a place in your bedroom. Make sure you choose a good one that suits your needs. With the variety of options, you have out there, you need to first identify your personal needs and find a good brand that works.

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