Best Mattresses For Pregnancy Reviews To Buy in 2020

    As the woman’s body changes at each stage of the pregnancy, especially at the last trimester, sleeping peacefully at night becomes a struggle. Why? First of all, as more weight is added due to the growing child inside the woman’s womb, this affects the pelvic area, spine, muscles including the bladder. This is why pregnant women often complain of discomfort, frequent urination as the baby’s weight pushes the bladder and even insomnia.

    If these sleepless night episodes continue during the entire pregnancy, it could be detrimental both to the expectant mother and unborn child. So, how could pregnant women out there enjoy a comforting sleep and wake up without any sign of pain or discomfort? Invest in one of the recommended best mattresses for pregnancy below. These top ten list of pregnancy bed mattresses have been carefully selected for every soon-to-be mom aiming to stay healthy before the childbirth.

    Top 10 Best Mattresses For Pregnancy With Reviews

    1. Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

    Gel memory foam mattress is one of the suitable types of mattresses that pregnant women should consider. Why? The mattress material has been integrated with advanced technology designed to bring maximum comfort while sleeping. And, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-inch Mattress is a good example.

    This pregnancy mattress brand promises luxurious sleeping with the 14-inch thick mattress.  With this depth of thickness, it can literally support the weight of pregnant women, enabling them to sleep with the confidence of falling off on any side of the mattress.

    Another feature that sets apart this gel memory foam mattress is the breathable gel memory foam. Pregnant women usually experience night sweats because of hormonal imbalances that could be attached to pregnancy. Since the gel memory foam does not trap heat, it provides a cooling effect.

    The gel foam memory contours to the shape of the pregnant woman. Because the construction engineering of this type of mattress adjusts to the entire bodyweight of the sleeper. And, it’s a known fact the pregnant women gain more weight at the final phase of pregnancy prior to child delivery.

    The Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam Mattress is granted with CertiPUR-us certification. This certification means the product’s foam mattress material has undergone testing and proven to be safe for use. For sizes availability, this brand comes if various bed sizes ranging from the standard twin, twin XL, full, king and queen.

    The packaging of this bed mattress is eco-friendly because the manufacturers use an innovative packing technique that helps decrease the carbon footprint in the environment during its delivery. The product is packed in rolled form and resume to its original form upon unpacking.

    • Product design and built is inspired by the gel memory foam technology, making the mattress cool and adjustable to the body shape of the sleeper
    • Varied bed sizes available (twin, twin XL, full, king and queen)
    • It comes with CertPUR-us certification, 14-inch depth mattress, and 10-year warranty coverage
    • The mattress is too firm

    2. LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    LUCID is a brand with a vision of providing customers with comfortable and affordable mattresses. Their bedding mattresses are designed to cater to all kinds of market including pregnant women. So, what makes their LUCID 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Triple Layer a good option?

    The LUCID Memory Foam Mattress is engineered with impressive ventilation technology that allows air to circulate evenly. When quality air flows, the mattress can regulate the body heat of the sleeper, preventing overheating to arise.

    This brand also offers triple layering on its mattress, with TENCEL Lyocell plush cover. With this feature, the mattress remains moisture-free against sweat or humidity. Plus, the cover is washable. Pregnant women are assured of having undisturbed nights of sleep associated with night sweats.

    Construction of this mattress is an open-cell structure of 12-inch thickness, with the layering of three different materials. The topmost part is made from three inches infused memory foam, the next layer is one inch of bamboo charcoal and the 8-inch base part made of the super density foam base.

    This product comes with a 10-year U.S. warranty coverage. The manufacturer assures paying customers that the mattress has no trace or evidence of chemicals such as synthetic or natural latex. In addition to the above features, this mattress is professionally packed in a compressed form inside a box and expand in its original shape once unpacked.

    • The mattress is 12-inch thickness with 3 layering materials (3-inch layer of memory foam, 1-inch layer of bamboo charcoal and 8-inch base foam)
    • This product features hypoallergenic material with resistance to dust mites and allergens
    • Manufacturer offers this mattress with 10-Year U.S. warranty coverage
    • Mattress comes with a plush cover infused with TENCEL Lyocell, excellent for wicking off moisture and humidity
    • You need to unpack the packaging in a warm temperature environment to allow the mattress to expand it full size

    3. Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-inch Memory Foam Mattress 

    Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-inch Memory Foam mattress is readily available online for regular shoppers of Amazon, a trusted online shopping platform that sells various products including bed mattresses ideal for pregnant women. I must say this brand is one of the most affordable brands sold in the marketplace.

    As for craftsmanship, this mattress though priced cheaper is of good quality. It’s durable and feels like any quality bed mattress should feel.

    Material used is from quality memory foam with no trace of harmful toxins. The manufacturer also integrated an efficient ventilation system in the construction of the mattress. Sleepers can enjoy the cooling feature of the mattress’ gel foam. It’s basically the mattress for sleepers that are prone to night sweats like pregnant women.

    Price of the mattress is relatively low than other brands. Due to its budget-friendly price tag, anyone with a limited budget can already purchase a functional mattress. Its 16-gauge coil springs are sturdy enough to support the weight of a pregnant woman. And, in addition to that, the mattress cover is premium quality and stretchable, making the bed feels extremely soft.

    Add-on features include certified CertiPUR-US, 100% customer satisfaction and hybrid workmanship with the mattress reduced motion transfer. So, if you have another sleeping companion on the bed, you won’t feel the tension every time the other person makes a movement.

    • The product is built with gel-infused memory foam, 11-inch mattress
    • This mattress provides sleepers weightless sleeping experience, even when shared with another person
    • Manufacturer honors customers rights with extensive 10-Year Warranty Coverage
    • The mattress is available via Amazon with 30-Days Trial and returns or refund agreement based on Amazon Return Policy
    • Get the best of both worlds, comfort, and value for money for this mattress
    • The bed mattress is only 11-inch thick, which be an issue of stability for heavyweight sleepers

    4. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Bed in Box Mattress

    Another brand that combines comfort and durability is the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Bed in Box with 12-inch gel memory foam mattress. This luxurious mattress is worth your money. Why?

    The quality of the material is truly superior. Aside from the breathable material used for the construction of the mattress, it reduces heat and moisture build-up all night. How is that possible. The gel memory foam absorbs and regulates body temperature of the sleeper, ensuring the mattress remains cool all night even during warmer months of summer season. The mattress cover is super soft on skin and removable for easy cleaning. Inclusive in the product purchase is 30-Day Free Trial and 20-Year warranty.

    What about its overall performance? The mattress is 12-inch thick, with medium high-density. It offers the right amount of firmness, not too soft and not too hard. Sleepers including pregnant women can expect enough stability even when sharing. The available size of this mattress is perfect to match a California King size bed. It also comes with additional freebies such as free shipping at customers’ assigned deliver address and three days delivery timeframe.

    When it comes to packaging, this product is carefully packed and compressed in a tightly sealed box. The manufacturer’s unpacking instruction is to allow 72 hours of waiting in order for the mattress to expand into its actual size measurement.

    • The mattress is made from a top-quality memory foam material with breathable and heat resistant feature
    • Inclusion in the product is a freebie memory foam pillow
    • Product is being offered with 30-Day Free Trial and a 20-Year warranty coverage
    • Pricing of the mattress is competitively reasonable
    • The mattress will require 72 hours to reach its actual size before it can be fully functional

    5. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

    Next on the list of mattresses suitable for pregnant women is an e-commerce company selling their signature mattress Casper Sleep Foam Mattress. Here’s a quick brief of its features.

    Let’s have a look at the mattress construction. It’s basically designed and built to offer a medium level of firmness for back and stomach sleepers. The mattress height is 10 inches while thickness is approximately 5.5 inches of layered polyfoam. This workmanship guarantees less motion transfer as sleeper shifts from one sleeping position to another. It reduces the possibility of falling off the bed because the foam adjusts to the sleeper’s body weight.

    Since it’s an improved version of the older mattress the Casper Sleep Foam Mattress is expected to perform better. Customers will be amazed by the latest technology applied in this mattress production. It a has temperature regulating feature that ensures the bed stays cool throughout the night even for warm sleepers.

    The open-cell layering done on its foam mattress permits air to circulate evenly. With this, the sleeper experiences an upgraded level of comfort when sleeping on the back or stomach.

    The product offers paying customers a free trial of 100-night sleep. If unhappy with the mattress performance, the manufacturer will give a full refund. The mattress is also covered with a 10-year limited warranty based on manufacturer’s terms on defects.

    • The mattress is infused with open-cell technology, meaning airflow is regulated to prevent night sweats
    • Foam material is rated CertiPUR-US, no chemical-based or toxins have been used in its production process
    • Product is being offered with 100-night sleep free trial and full refund applies for dissatisfied customers
    • The manufacturer gives 10-year limited warranty coverage on defects
    • Mattress is perfect for back and stomach sleepers
    • The cover of the mattress is not machine washable

    6. King Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch King Size Mattress

    If you prefer a mattress with 12 inches thickness, then, the King Mattress Sweetnight is another option. This brand of mattress is produced by a Chinese manufacturer. They are known globally for their plus quality pillows and affordable mattresses. Let’s unravel together the best features and find out if it really deserves to be on the top ten list.

    The price is budget-friendly. The mattress topper is made from mixed polyester and cotton, which is extremely soft. Since it has a composition of cotton material the mattress topper is breathable, so the sleeper’s warm temperature is regulated. When the body heat is regulated, the issue of experiencing night sweats or overheated mattress is controlled.

    Plus, the mattress is made from quality memory foam, which has health benefits to sleepers that complain of muscle pain or back pain. How? The memory foam contours the shape of the sleeper, regardless of the preferred sleeping position. So, no more frequent tossing in the middle of the night just to find a comfortable spot on the mattress. Sleeper can peacefully sleep uninterruptedly at any side of the mattress.

    Another awesome feature of this brand of mattress is the 3-layer construction design. The mattress delivers a medium level of firmness. In addition to that, it also aligns the sleeper’s position properly, eliminating heat build-up.

    As for the customer’s safety, this product claims to be free from any form of toxin or substance such as heavy lead, mercury or chemicals. The foam mattress is tested and has CertiPUR-US certification, meaning completely safe for everyone, including expectant mothers.

    • Product guarantees customer 100% satisfaction with its eco-friendly foam mattress
    • The bed mattress is 12-inch height, with a medium level of firmness
    • This mattress resolves common sleeper’s problems of back pain, tensed muscles and night sweats with its innovative temperature regulated and slow-motion transfer features
    • The manufacturer is offering paying customers 10-Year honor warranty coverage
    • Slight natural foam odor may be produced during the initial unpacking of the mattress and will vanish after a few days of exposure

    7. Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Full Mattress

    For potential buyers looking for an affordable natural latex mattress, the Sunrising Bedding 8” Full Mattress is the best candidate. It’s relatively cheaper when compared with other brands in the market. And, performance is satisfactory. It’s still undecided, here are some of its features that make it an alternative brand from expensive bed mattresses.

    This mattress is only 8-inch, but, performs well in the market. In fact, it caters to all types of sleepers including back and stomach sleepers. It’s also perfect for expectant mothers because the mattress firmness level is medium, firm enough to support the weight of the mother and unborn child in the last trimester.

    The next feature is I strongly agree, is what makes Sunrising unique from other brands. It has passed the CFR 16333 flammability screening. What does this mean? It means the natural latex foam material is a fire or flammable resistance.

    Add-ons features include cashmere goat mattress cover derived from domestically bred goat in the northern part of India, the Kashmir region. However, this material can also be outsourced from other parts of the globe such as China.  The cashmere mattress covering is approximately 20% thick, making it ideal for warm and cool weather conditions. You can even place the latex mattress on the floor in case you don’t have a bed frame. And, the latex material is made from Talalay Latex, originating from Thailand. This type of latex provides sleepers cool and soft mattress surface.

    • The mattress is made from 100% natural latex, with topmost layer infused with Talalay latex technology
    • This brand has been rated to be fire or flammable resistant, passing the CFR 1633 flammability test (flammability standard requirement on bedding pads and mattresses)
    • Mattress surface cover is made from quality cashmere goat, certified by Oeko-Tex Standard-100, meaning material originated from organic bred goat
    • The product is being offered for 120-night home trial with full refund policy in case the customer is unhappy with its performance
    • The chemical smell of the mattress takes time to fade away

    8. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes

    Pregnant women often complain of pains along the pelvic, back and joints during the final stage of pregnancy. These discomforting pains could be attributed to weight gain of the expectant mother and unborn child. This is why Relief Mart, manufacturer of bedding products released in the market the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress in 2019. The design and construction of this mattress exceed customers’ expectations on comfortability.

    The mattress is built from a high-density layer of memory foam material. This is believed to provide the ultimate support needed by all kinds of sleepers including pregnant women. The mattress is designed to provide relief on discomforts that pregnant women experience such pain on the spine, muscle and joints pain as well as excessive sweating at night. The mattress contours to the shape of the sleeper and isolate motion transfer as sleeper tries to find a comfortable sleeping position.

    This brand also claims to be patented with the latest airflow transfer technology, meaning bed mattress has enough ventilated holes where trapped heat from the sleeper’s body temperature can flow freely. So, the effect is a cool mattress surface. And, it has been certified to be environment-friendly. The mattress is CertiPUR-US (manufacturer only used natural and chemical-free materials during mattress production).

    Snuggle-Pedic is also highly recommended for people with allergies because it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. So, soon-to-be moms with sensitive skin or prone to allergies can sleep soundly without fear of having allergic reactions. The product comes with bonuses such as the 120-night trial with a guaranteed refund, 20-Year warranty and free customization.

    • The product’s universal design and construction is a perfect match to all sleeping positions (back and stomach sleepers)
    • Add-on features include dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, CertiPUR-US and latest airflow system
    • Mattress cover has a zipper closure, allowing the user to easily remove it
    • Product is only sold directly from manufacturer, Relief Mart Inc.

    9. Vesgantti 10.6 Inch Multilayer Hybrid Full Mattress

    The Vesgantti brand showcases intelligent engineering it the construction of its mattress. The technology applied is geared towards providing a personalized level of comfort to the sleeper. And, it provides flexibility when the bed is shared between two sleepers, less motion of transfer is felt.

    The mattress is available on three variants of thickness the 9.4-inch, 10.2-inch and 10.6-inch. It’s built is composed of multilayered materials. The top part has a layer of breathable cotton mattress cover, then, PP cotton layer. The next layer is the massage foam layer, followed by spring back foam layer, non-woven foam layer, super-dense support foam layer, durable cotton and blanket layer, pocket spring layers with the base covered with polyester fabric.

    The overall construction of this mattress is super quiet and thanks to its stable pocket spring support system. The mattress itself is noise-free, meaning no amount of noise is created as the sleeper or sleeping companions toss from one side to another or shifts to another sleeping position.

    How about the material? It’s first-class, breathable rated material, which means adjust accordingly to the temperature circulating inside the bedroom. If the sleeper is prone to night sweats, the mattress surface remains dry despite rising body heat or humidity in the environment. Product is vacuum-sealed when packed. Purchasers can expect the delivered goods to arrive in compressed form and expands to its fullest size in a span of ten (10) seconds after unpacking.

    • The mattress promises sleepers of noise-free sleeping experience with its pocket spring support technology
    • This product is packed in vacuum-sealed packaging and comes to fuller size in ten seconds
    • Mattress is of superior quality with its multilayered materials from mattress cover down to the base part
    • Once the mattress is unpacked it permanently stays in its fuller form

    10. Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000, Queen Hybrid Mattress

    Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm belongs to a reputable manufacturer of mattresses with more than 100 years of proven track record. In fact, its brand has been an essential of every household in need of durable mattresses. Here’s a sneak peek of what this bed mattress brand has to offer.

    This particular brand has earned the trust of many satisfied customers. Why? The manufacturer behind this mattress Simmons Mattress Company is one of the largest producers in the mattress industry. And, the secret ingredient to their success is having knowledgeable engineers dedicated to designing and creating mattresses that perform superiorly among other brands. The company is experienced in manufacturing mattresses that never fail to satisfy each customer’s expectations.

    The mattress’s major material component is the DualCool Memory Foam, proven to reduce heat build-up on the mattress’ surface. The outcome is having a cool and comfortable mattress even during the summer season. Aside from that, the memory foam has an air-cooling feature that allows the mattress conform to the sleeping position of the sleeper.

    This hybrid mattress highlighted its pocketed coils. How does it work? It means the pocketed coils are designed to reduce motion as the sleeper moves from one side of the mattress to another side. If the mattress is shared by average sleepers, they can experience undisturbed sleep all night.

    • The mattress has reinforced encasement along the edges, preventing it from sagging even when sleeper shifted nearest to the bed edge
    • Materials used for its production are sourced carefully, ensuring the mattress provide lasting service
    • This bed is integrated with air cool flow technology, which means the gel foam layers prevent the mattress from trapping heat
    • Expect some odor produced while unboxing the mattress and will eventually subside in a few hours

    Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress for Pregnancy Women

    Choosing a mattress suitable for pregnant women may require some pointers to ensure it adheres to their special needs during the entire pregnancy.

    • Material

    Mattresses are produced from various materials. It’s important for a pregnant woman to identify first the material preferred. The common materials used include the following:

    • Foam

    Foam is the most used material. It’s made from synthetic material. A foam mattress may not be suitable for pregnant women because the synthetic foam may trap heat, making it warm.

    • Memory foam

    Memory foam material is an excellent choice. It offers the right amount of support, firmness, and durability. This material has the ability to contour the shape of the sleeper, which is ideal for pregnant women experiencing discomfort. Plus, the memory foam is generally infused with gel or air cool technology, which keeps the mattress cool all night. Again, perfect for pregnant women experiencing night sweats.

    • Coils

    The built of a mattress composed of layered materials including coils. Finding a mattress that is designed with pocketed coils or a strong support system is the key for a relaxing sleep. Remember, if the mattress coils create noise the sleeper will have to deal with noise while shifting from one position to another.

    • Combination of foam and coils

    Mattresses with combined foam and coils are considered to be the best option. Why? These mattresses are proven to offer longevity, stability, and breathability. They will provide the needed support and comfortability that expectant mothers need.

    • The Quality Support of the Bed

    Pregnant women may have special needs during the entire pregnancy. And, one of them is having quality sleep to enable the unborn child to grow. However, as the baby grows inside the woman’s tummy, extra weight is added. This makes any movement a struggle even the shifting on the bed. That’s why a mattress that can offer maximum support is recommended for pregnant women to reduce the pressure along the pelvic area and back.  The best mattress is one that can hold and support any type of sleeper (side, back or stomach).

    • The Sinkage

    A quality mattress should be able to hold on pressure and prevent it from sinking along the edge or middle part. For pregnant women, sleeping on a bed that sinks in the middle or unable to hold weight along the edge is not favorable. Keep in mind, pregnant women carry additional weight from the unborn child and often get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

    • The Firmness of the Bed

    The firmness level of the mattress will depend on materials used in the production. Some mattresses have multiple layering of foam materials to provide the right amount of firmness. A brand of the mattress must have the ability to reduce pressure and isolate motion transfer to assure sleeper of relaxing sleep every night. For pregnant women, a mattress with a medium level of firmness is ideally good because it provides adequate support and balance. Besides, a mattress that is too firm may add to the discomfort that a pregnant woman experience.

    • The Thickness

    Not all mattresses sold in the market have the thickness. Some mattresses are 14-inch thick and others range from 12-inch to lowest 9.4-inch. Pregnant women may find standing and going back to bed an ordeal. Some would even feel unstable due to the extra weight of the unborn child. A mattress with a reasonable height would be great to prevent imbalance as the pregnant woman stands up or sit on the bed.

    The thickness level of a mattress is not an indicator of durability. In fact, you may find a 10-inch mattress to last longer than a mattress with 14-inch thickness. Finding the perfect mattress is not only dependable on thickness alone. Other factors will be used such as materials, add-on features such as ventilation, motion isolation, noise-free, pocketed coils and warranties.

    • Budget

    The amount of money a potential buyer is willing to spend is a major consideration, especially for pregnant women. They also have to worry about other expenses like the baby’s essentials, medical bills as well as the follow-up checks to the doctor upon the arrival of the baby. So, careful budgeting is necessary to ensure enough funding is allocated for each expenditure including the purchase of a mattress.

    What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Pregnancy Mattress

    • After pregnancy use

    The price of a top-performing mattress for pregnant women doesn’t come cheaper. A good amount of money is required for this purchase. A pregnancy mattress that can still be used after giving birth is a plus point.

    • Health benefits

    As I have mentioned, each pregnancy mattress may have different features, material composition, pricing, and warranty. However, a distinct feature that an expectant mom should pay close attention to is the health benefits that a mattress can offer. For example, a mattress with hypoallergenic or dust mite resistant is suitable both for the mother and baby.

    • Sleep Trial

    Making a decision among mattresses can be quite challenging. It’s difficult to detect by initial appearance or reading the product’s description if this is the right bed. A manufacturer that offers a sleep trial for a certain period can give the potential buyer to test the mattress adaptability to the needs of the sleeper. So, if you need to narrow down your options on different brands of mattresses, check the manufacturer’s duration period for the sleep trial. The average free trial that reputable brands offer customers range from 30 days up to a maximum of 120 days.

    • Certifications

    Mattresses should be compliant with global standards on quality and safety. Among the certifications that potential buyers of pregnancy mattresses should look must include the following.

    • CertiPUR-US

    This certification is given to manufacturers that have strictly complied with non-usage of harsh toxins including substances that could have adverse effects on sleepers such as formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other metals.

    • OEKO-TEX

    You will see this certification for some brands. This certification guarantees the manufacturer has voluntarily subjected its mattresses to tests and been certified safe. The test is usually performed by a third party to check presence of the chemicals that can be harmful to the user.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does off-gassing mean on mattresses?

    Off-gassing refers to the odor or smell produced during the unpacking. I do suggest you read carefully the mattress’s description of materials used. For example, if you have sensitivity on smell invest on a mattress made from organic latex.

    • Do you have a prevailing medical condition?

    If you are pregnant and have a prevailing medical condition such as for overweight or spine problems, then, look for a mattress with special features like the pedic foam mattress. This mattress contours the shape of the sleeper, reducing any pressure that pregnant women with heavy-weight have to deal with.

    • Is an airbed type of mattress ideal for pregnant women?

    Some airbed type of mattresses are built to offer the needed support and stability that pregnant women need. However, not all airbed mattresses conform to the sleeping position of the sleeper. This is why it’s vital for pregnant women to search for a mattress with features that will address their specific needs.

    • Is the mattress covered with a warranty?

    It’s practical to choose a brand of mattress that offers warranty coverage such as limited warranty on defects, 30-day money-back-guarantee or 120-nights trial with a return policy. If the product’s label doesn’t disclose the warranty coverage, better inquire first with the customer support representative and get clarification on terms applicable for customer’s protection.

    • What is the ideal thickness of the mattress?

    It really depends on the user. If you are pregnant, a mattress with at least 12-inch or more would be comfortable when standing or sitting.

    • Should a cheaper mattress will be good for pregnant women?

    Prices of mattresses may vary. You may find a special pedic mattress for pregnant women to cost more. The decision which to buy depends on the buyer. If the buyer has enough funds allocated for a pregnant mattress, then, go for it. However, if the pregnant mother has a limited budget, then, a decent priced mattress that exhibits quality and durability is acceptable.


    A pregnant woman must have a memorable journey as she carries her unborn child. For it to bring happy moments, careful planning, and preparedness of the pregnancy essentials is a must. And, among the basics is a new mattress to sleep on.

    Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, thickness, construction and add-on features. I suggest prior shopping that the needs of a pregnant woman are identified such as comfortability, durability, and dependability. If in doubt of what to look for the best mattresses for pregnancy, why not spend more time acquainting yourself with each product mentioned above. Remember, being well-informed with your choices will lead to a favorable outcome.

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