Best Mattress For Arthritis 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)


Sleep and pain have an intricate relationship that’s quite easy to understand. Unfortunately, about 40 million Americans can attest to this as they suffer from arthritis. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation notes that about 70 to 80% of the sufferers of specific arthritis types have poor sleep due to the chronic pains they experience.

Hope is not lost, however. With the best mattress for arthritis, you might just be able to get some pain relief and get better sleep. It’s just a matter of finding the right one to match your needs in order to make arthritis pain management a bit simpler.

Comparison Chart of 5 Best Mattress For Arthritis

ImageNameDimensionsWeightWhere To Buy
LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress75 x 39 x 10 inches50 lbsCheck Price
Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams79 x 60 x 10 inches60 lbsCheck Price
Tuft & Needle Full Mattress75 x 54 x 10 inches61 lbsCheck Price
Eco Terra 11" Hybrid Mattress80 x 76 x 11 inches127 lbsCheck Price
Zinus Memory Foam 12" Green Tea Mattress80 x 60 x 12 inches62.5 lbsCheck Price

Reviews of Top 5 Best Rated Mattress For Arthritis Pain

To help you get started in your search for the right mattress that will help you sleep through arthritis flareups, here are five items that we recommend you look into right away.

1. Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Leading our list of the best mattresses for arthritis is the Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress. Featuring a combination of latex and individually-encased spring coils, it promises to give you what the majority will agree to as the ‘just right’ comfort level that everyone is after.

Best Mattress For Arthritis

Designed to suit the general populace’s sleep needs, this 10-inch mattress’ biggest draw for arthritis sufferers is its responsive and supportive surface. The latex foam will follow your contours and hug your body right while the encased-spring coil system will give you the support you need to relieve body pains. These also make it perfect for just about sleeping position, freeing you from the pain-aggravating tossing and turning.

Convenience is another thing you can enjoy from this product. As it’s delivered rolled, compressed, and boxed, you might not need to fuss too much about placing it on your bed.

Features and Specifications:

  • Latex foam for utmost comfort.
  • Individually encased spring coil system for support and motion isolation.
  • Medium firm feel to suit most sleepers’ comfort preferences.
  • Compressed inside a box for quick and easy delivery.

  • Comfort level suits most sleepers’ preferences
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Great price
  • Good 30-day return options that will let you return the unit to the manufacturer or donate it to charity under the company’s name
  • Comes with a 10-year US warranty
  • Mattress takes a while to expand to its full size
  • Some still find it too soft or firm to their liking

2. Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress

While it’s nice to feel warm and snug in bed, sometimes some beds can feel too stuffy. Combined with arthritic pain, feeling hot can really keep you from drifting off to dreamland. But with the Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress, you’ll get an alternative that can ensure your comfort all night long.

Mattress For Arthritis Reviews

Made with a layer of Energex foam, it promises to keep you cool even on warm nights. It’s designed not to trap in the heat from the sleeper’s body into the foam like most foam mattresses tend to do. This makes it a more attractive option for those who tend to sleep hot.

Affordably priced and made in the USA, this product also offers great value for your money. It can also definitely guarantee top-notch quality that might just bring you nights of great slumber.

Features and Specifications:

  • Patented 2.5” Energex foam with cool gel surface treatment to help prevent sleepers from overheating.
  • Open cell construction to keep the mattress cool.
  • 5” high-density foam foundation for excellent support.
  • Universal medium-firm comfort level to satisfy most sleepers’ preferences.
  • Compressed, rolled, and boxed when delivered.
  • Breathable ultra-soft quilted plush top to further enhance the cool and comfortable feel of the mattress.

  • Made in the USA
  • Offers the feel of latex and visco-memory foam
  • Medium firm feel appeals to a lot of sleepers
  • Very friendly price
  • Designed to not overheat
  • Great price
  • Might feel softer than what some people expected
  • Sides are rounded in shape which makes it difficult for them to hold onto fitted sheets

3. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress

Designed to address all of your mattress woes is the Tuft & Needle Full Mattress, Bed in a Box. This is why it’s touted as a quick pick for those who dread the exhausting task of mattress shopping. As an arthritis sufferer who just wants better zzz’s, this product might just appeal to you as well.

mattress for arthritis

It’s easy to tell that the most popular issues with mattresses are usually about its comfort, quality, supportiveness, and ability to trap heat. So what Tuft & Needle did with the Full Mattress is they formulated it to address all of those.

It has the not-too-soft and not-too-firm feel, for one. It has a good support base to ensure relief of pressure points. It also comes with a cooling gel layer to keep the mattress from retaining your body heat and giving it back to you. So all in all, it pretty much solves all of the most popular issues you might have with a traditional mattress.

Features and Specifications:

  • Adaptive foam provides excellent support and versatility.
  • High-quality supportive base layer to provide top-notch resistance and ample backing.
  • Advanced foam formulation promises “just right” comfort and effective pressure relief.
  • Cooling gel and heat-wicking graphite keep the mattress cool and comfortable.

  • 100-Night Sleep Trial promises a full refund if you didn’t like the product
  • Designed to work on all types of beds and bases
  • Competitively priced
  • Suits a lot of people’s idea of comfort
  • Comes with several quality certifications
  • Some still found it too soft or too firm
  • Some reports of sleeping hot

4. Eco Terra Eco Life 11″ Medium-Firm Luxury Latex Full Mattress

The Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11” may be one of the pricier options on this short list but it still makes a very good case for itself. It’s largely made of natural and high-quality materials, so it’s definitely looking into if you’re not a big fan of plastic waste.

best mattress for arthritis pain

Its choice of materials also has a lot to do with your health. It might be a healthier choice for a lot of people (except those with latex allergies) as it’s not made of artificial components. The all-natural latex layer also guarantees great comfort that a lot of folks with arthritis are sure to appreciate.

Being a hybrid mattress, you can also expect a lot from the Eco Terra ECOT1106. It’s definitely supportive and capable of relieving pressure points which is a must for arthritic sleepers. Its pocketed spring coils also offer motion isolation so you won’t have to get disturbed by your bed partners’ movements in their sleep.

Features and Specifications:

  • Hybrid design to provide the best of both worlds to sleepers.
  • 3” of 100% all-natural latex for top-notch comfort.
  • Individually wrapped spring coil provides excellent support and motion isolation.
  • 100% organic cotton cover offers soft, comfortable, and luxurious sleeping surface.
  • Single source latex guarantees product consistency.
  • Rated 5.5 out of 10 in comfort scale which can appeal to a lot of sleepers.

  • High-quality materials used
  • Comfortable firmness and overall feel
  • Hypoallergenic materials used
  • Designed to provide the optimal sleep experience
  • Well-constructed
  • Very supportive
  • Quite pricey

5. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

If you think improving your sleep requires more than just some regular spring and foam, the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress might just work for you. As its name suggests, it also contains some unconventional components in its construction, making it a rather unique option.

mattress for arthritis lower back

Infused with green tea extracts and activated charcoal, this Zinus memory foam mattress promises to help you sleep better in more ways than just giving you a comfortable sleeping surface. With these two extras, you’re also promised to sleep on a bed that will stay fresh and gives off some relaxing scents. They’re said to boost the bed’s performance in providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for you.

For arthritis patients, this might sound like a useful add-on as it can be particularly hard to relax when you’re feeling joint and body pains. The additional green tea extract might be able to provide the push you need to unwind without getting any caffeine into your system.

Features and Specifications:

  • Green tea infused memory foam top layer promises to follow your body’s contours and provide pressure relief.
  • High-density foam base support foam for effective weight resistance.
  • Knitted jacquard cover for a smooth sleeping surface.
  • Quality-tested foam to ensure the product’s satisfactory performance and durability.

  • 100-night trial with a money-back guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
  • Compressed and boxed when delivered
  • Available in different thickness options
  • Great price
  • Smell tends to take a while to dissipate
  • Some folks still find it too soft or too firm

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic pain ailment that is caused by inflammation on one or several joints. It also usually comes with stiffness and typically worsens with age. It’s often categorized into two: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, other ailments like psoriasis and lupus, as well as uric acid buildup, also cause their own types of this illness.

Treating arthritis depends largely on the type that you have. In many cases, however, it can’t exactly be treated. The most that can be done is to reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life of the sufferer.

How Does Arthritis Affect Sleep?

Since arthritis causes a significant amount of pain, it’s easy to understand how arthritis can affect sleep. The pain will definitely keep sufferers from relaxing and winding down that ease in slumber, so if a patient is in pain before bedtime, there’s a high chance that they’ll have a hard time nodding off that evening.

Unfortunately, it’s a vicious cycle that involves poor sleep and arthritis. The less sleep you get, the more pain you’ll most likely experience as well. As the body needs to sleep to heal and fight inflammations, not being able to sleep properly because of this ailment makes things worse and more complicated. This is why you really need to find a way to get better sleep in order to manage the effects of arthritis.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress For Arthritis

How do you find the best mattress for arthritis? Here are the most important tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Prioritize your comfort above all else.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing a mattress. This is true even if you have arthritis or not because you absolutely need a comfortable sleeping surface if you want to sleep better.

The thing, however, with comfort, is that everyone has a different opinion on this matter. Some folks find firmer mattresses more comfortable, while others need to sink into a very soft mattress in order to feel cozy. Because of this, it’s best to try out a mattress first before committing to it.

Fortunately, most of the items listed above have trial periods that allow you to try them first for a couple of nights and find out if it matches your preference or not. The return process might just be a hassle, however, but if it means better sleep for you despite having arthritis, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Look for a mattress that will provide pressure relief.

Arthritis affects the joints which pretty much carries your weight the entire day. This makes them great pressure points so you’ll definitely need a mattress that will take off those pressures on them. Only with such a mattress will you really be able to get ample relaxation and rest.

  • Make sure to get a supportive mattress.

Aside from comfort, your mattress should also provide ample support. This feature will ensure that your weight is sufficiently carried by the mattress so your body parts won’t be positioned awkwardly as you sleep. With this, you can be sure that you’ll also get the relaxation you need to fall asleep easily.

A supportive mattress will also prevent further body pains. Since it can carry your body’s weight for you while you’re off to some magical place in your sweet slumber, you don’t have to subconsciously position yourself in a way that will strain your muscles and other body parts.

  • Consider your other sleeping habits.

Aside from your joint pains caused by arthritis, you should also keep in mind your other sleeping habits when shopping for a mattress. This way, you can also address your other concerns and ensure that you’ll lay down on the right sleeping surface for you.

What are these other considerations? For one, if you sleep hot, make sure to get a mattress with a cooling feature. If you’re a side sleeper, search for the ones that have enough give for your sleeping position. If you share the bed with someone else, you might also want to take their preferences into consideration.


Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, it just makes sense that we should try to find the most comfortable one for us. This task may be tricky but it can do wonders for your sleep.

It’s even more important to find the best mattress for arthritis as the condition makes it more important for you to get comfortable in order to manage the chronic pain that comes with the condition. The task might not be easy to accomplish but it’s completely possible to do. Just remember our tips above and you can be sure to find the right sleep furniture for your needs.

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