Best King Size Mattress 2020 (In-Depth Reviews & Buying Guide)

    Upgrading to a King Size Mattress? If you aren’t yet – or you haven’t thought about it – then you certainly should, especially if you’re in a relationship. Generally measuring 76 inches wide by 80 inches long the best king size mattresses will provide enough room and comfort for a couple to sleep comfortably while still having access to their own personal space.

    Likewise, for an individual sleeper a king-sized upgrade is also just as important when it comes down to the added space – if only because the science behind sleeping supports the purchase of a larger mattress. For instance, most people will actually spend a third of every day in bed, and during this time the weight of your body will reduce the flow of your blood and deprive certain areas of oxygen depending on the way you sleep.

    In a twin sized bed most people don’t have enough space to lay on their backs or on their stomachs, and so they lay on their sides and end up feeling pain later in the day or late at night. A king-size mattress provides a whole range of motion and space for changing positions and sleeping correctly, and the following mattress suggestions are some of the best options on the current market.

    10 Best Rated King Size Mattress With Comparison Chart

    ImageNameDimensionsWeightWhere To Buy
    Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress60 x 80 x 10 inches62 lbsCheck Price
    Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea80 x 76 x 12 inches79.4 lbsCheck Price
    LUCID 12" Gel Memory Foam60 x 12 x 80 inches73.2 lbsCheck Price
    Sleep Innovations Shiloh 80 x 60 x 12 inches80 lbsCheck Price
    Classic Brands Cool Gel80 x 60 x 14 inches82 lbsCheck Price
    Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Bed80 x 76 x 12 inches90 lbsCheck Price
    Casper Sleep Essential Mattress80 x 60 x 8.5 inches63 lbsCheck Price
    Purple Queen Mattress 80 x 60 x 9.5 inches90 lbsCheck Price
    Perfect Cloud Elegance80 x 60 x 12 inches75 lbsCheck Price
    DynastyMattress NEW!80 x 76 x 15.5 inches139 lbsCheck Price

    Top 10 Best King Size Mattress Reviews in 2020

    1. Tuft & Needle King Mattress

    This king-sized mattress is designed from premium polyurethane foam poured in the USA with a two-layer blend that supports a top layer with 1.8 cubic pounds per feet of density; with this design the foam itself is categorized as ‘adaptive foam’. Adaptive foam makes for a constructed compression mattress that adapts to different body sizes and weights to support the perfect feel for all sleeping positions.

    Best King Size Mattress

    This foam also allows the mattress to fit into a small box and ship quickly – or just store away when you need extra room in a small apartment. Other outdated materials like latex and memory foam can cause users to feel like they’re stuck in one place due to the material rising up around them.

    Latex and memory foam can also trap heat and make you sleep too hot at night. Adaptive foam on the other hand sleeps cool and relieves pressure while also providing a localized bounce so you won’t wake your partner when getting up. Finally, this particular brand offers a ten-year limited warranty on their mattress along with a first 100 night’s sleep trial.

    • The adaptive foam relieves hip and back pressure while still providing enough support to get out of bed easily.
    • The foam is designed to remove all motion transfer that would wake your partner when you get up for work or need to change positions.
    • Mattress provides ideal support along with a top comfort layer.
    • Once out of the box and fully expanded, this mattress can weigh up to 84 pounds and prove difficult to move without help.

    2. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, King

    This particular mattress offers added support against pesky allergens that keep many people from getting the sleep that they deserve; the memory foam is made CertiPUR, meaning it has none of the chemicals that can trigger asthma while laying down. Additionally, this company utilized green tea and natural castor seed oil in their foam to naturally retard all odors as well as harmful bacteria’s.

    King Size Mattress Reviews

    The mattress features a 1-inch memory foam core and 5 additional inches of high-density base support foam; together they offer 3.5 inches of airflow for keeping the mattress cool (but not cold) at night, while also further reducing dust particles and other allergens.

    At 80 by 76 inches this king-sized mattress is ideal for partners, and provides the perfect range of support to comfort with high density base layers and memory foam top layers. In fact, the US has fully certified this product for durability, content, and performance, so it’s one of the safest bets while choosing a new mattress for your improved sleep.

    • At first this mattress is shockingly firm, but after a minute or two of laying the memory foam wraps comfortably around your body.
    • The memory foam specifically targets hip and shoulder pain, cradling your body perfectly at night.
    • This is the perfect hypoallergenic mattress for your home, especially if you live in windy or dry climates.
    • Removing the cover after extended use can result in spilling fiber glass all over a bedroom.
    • Some customers have complained about a musty smell.

    3. LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    Ask anyone with a king-sized memory foam, regular foam, or gel mattress: layers matter! Where layers are concerned, customers need look no farther than the LUCID 12-inch triple layer mattress which offers an 8-inch memory foam comfort layer, a 3-inch ventilated gel middle layer, and a 1-inch bamboo & charcoal infused gel base layer.

    cheap king size mattress

    Why so many layers? The bottom and middle layers made from gel provide an air-rated breathable surface which decreases odors and dust (reducing allergic reactions and asthma attacks) while also providing the necessary base gel support for your lumbar and shoulders. While the 8-inch top layer made from memory foam yields an open cell construction which cradles your body comfortably without retaining lasting body impressions when you get up in the morning.

    Additionally, all three layers include a unique blend of TENCEL Lyocell which adds softness while also reducing moisture trapped during the night or from spills/etcetera. Overall this mattress offers a medium-plush feel and runs cool to warm at night without getting freezing cold or too hot to sleep with your significant other.

    • Comes with a 10-Year guaranteed U.S. Warranty; the mattress is fully compressed, rolled and shipped in a box for convenient setup; it unrolls fully within four hours after arrival.
    • The open cell constructed foam will last longer than most commercial memory foams.
    • Gel beads keep your mattress from overheating during the night.
    • The foam sinks a lot around the individual and can be hard to get out of in the morning.

    4. Sleep Innovations M-MAT-02260-QN-WHT Shiloh Mattress

    Rated with a medium-plush feel, this Shiloh mattress is designed to provide total breathing support for all sleeping positions for average to bigger body types. The memory foam utilizes a DuoComfort design which layers memory foam so that comfort is personalized based on a person’s weight and the way the mattress cradles their pressure points.

    king size tempurpedic mattress

    Additionally, the top layer is made from SureTemp memory foam and provides premium support on top of comfort so that you get the pressure you need for a solid night’s rest; it also makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

    The memory foam is also designed to distribute individual weight rather than total weight, so that your body is getting a whole different cradling support than your partners, and so that motion doesn’t transfer and wake up your partner when you’re getting up for work in the morning. Your purchase also comes with a beautifully tailored quilted cover that has a luxurious feel, is machine washable, as well as air-rated and hypoallergenic.

    • This mattress helps align and alleviate stress from a previously poor mattress; particularly it helps with neck and lumbar alignment.
    • Unlike other commercial mattresses which depreciate in value over the first year, this mattress retains its high-quality support, comfort, and odorless breathability.
    • This mattress breathes nicely and does not retain heat from you or your partner.
    • Longer than 5 years, customers have reported that some lumps do begin to occur in places where the mattress holds the most weight.

    5. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

    The essential support and comfort for a deeper night’s sleep can be found here with Classic Brand’s premium pressure-relieving memory foam which is made from a blend of memory foam and high-density aerated cool gel along a 76-inch wide by 80-inch long mattress. This foam is guaranteed to reduce the amount of tossing and turning, first because it’s gel-infused cells are ventilated for a cool to warm sleep, while secondly the high-density foam relieves pressure points and conforms to all body sizes and shapes.

    king size foam mattress

    This unparalleled support made from the combination of foam and gel is also naturally hypoallergenic and combats asthma, while also green tea treated so it’s resistant against allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. All specifications of the mattress meet the CertiPUR U.S.A program standards for a mattress which is guaranteed to improve your sleep and overall health due to performance, emissions, and durability.

    Last but not least, this mattress also comes with a beautifully tailored and detailed stretch-knit fabric cover; it has waterfall edges and matching knit side panels for a unique and classy look in any bedroom.

    • The addition of gel infused cells into the memory foam creates a more aerated mattress for a cooler sleep, while also reducing all allergens and bacteria.
    • You can order an adjustable base from the manufacturer which is custom fitted for your needed comfort to support ratio.
    • The gel cells combat trapped heat from you and your partner.
    • During the night the mattress has a tendency to sink very low.
    • The mattress can prove difficult to get out of due to sinking.

    6. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Bed in Box Mattress

    Live & Sleep Resort manufacturers offer a 30 day trial period along with a fantastic warranty because they want you to experience this mattress before your judge it; made with a deluxe cushioning of 2.5 top layer inches of premium airflow memory foam, along with a 1-inch middle of gel-infused foam, and with a base of 8.6 inches of high density polyurethane, the entire mattress is scientifically designed to both cradle and support it’s sleepers.

    firm king size mattress

    It’s extra thick profile – specifically the 8.5-inch polyurethane base – pairs with the softer cushioning elements to provide direct pressure along where your body sinks deepest into the mattress (typically the shoulders and lower lumbar). With this support and comfort also comes the cool sleep from the breathable gel infused middle layer which transports heat from your body out of the mattress and further relaxes you into deep REM sleep.

    No coils or latex are used in this design; in fact, the mattresses signature design is CertiPUR certified to be non-toxic, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. Purchase comes with a soft flex machine washable linen cover as well as a bonus free queen-sized pillow.

    • The foam used in Live and Sleep mattresses is independently tested for safety and quality. It’s also certified CertiPUR for sleepers with allergies and asthma.
    • This mattress is firm without sinking, sagging, or dipping.
    • The hypoallergenic mattress – including the addition of the gel – comes without any odor or chemical smell at all.
    • Mattress takes a long time to decompress after shipping.
    • The memory foam tends to retain the indent/shape of sleepers.

    7. Casper Sleep Essential Mattress, King 8.5″

    Casper’s Sleep Essential mattress offers one of those hybrid designs which have started becoming more and more popular for full sized mattresses. This mattress is designed with 3 layers of comfort and support; the base layer features the bounce and support of high density polyurethane that will apply pressure through the memory foam and along your major vertebrae at night, the middle layer offers an open-cell hypoallergenic latex design which regulates heat and offers cradling comfort, while the top 6 inches feature comfortable shape-taking memory foam for a firm support along every curve of any body type.

    casper king size mattress

    The best part of purchasing this king-sized mattress is that the product comes with a 100-night testing period from the moment you sign for the delivery at your front door.

    Compared to other memory foam options this mattress is rather thin, which means you and your partner won’t ‘sink in’ as much when you’re sleeping, and that this mattress offers more support than comfort. On the comfort to support scale, this mattress is ranked in the medium range.

    • This king-sized mattress is designed for support more than comfort and offers medium comfort while realigning your neck and spine.
    • It takes more weight to sink into this mattress, which makes the mattress particularly ideal for side sleepers.
    • Comes with a 100-night testing period or your money back.
    • If you are allergic to latex materials, this is not the mattress for you since it mainly uses latex.
    • Comes with a faint packing odor.

    8. Purple California Hyper-Elastic Polymer King Size Mattress

    Certified by the CertiPUR U.S. standards and for commercial use, Purple King Mattress company uses a hyper-elastic polymer which distributes weight individually per person in mattress – so if you and your partner are laying down the mattress with equalize pressure and support proper spine alignment for both people.

    what size is a king mattress

    This weight distribution is essential to both recovery and relaxation, and the science behind it actually uses sleep techniques and study from leading technology specialists. This purple polymer material also isolates all motion throughout the mattress, meaning that if you naturally toss and turn than you’re not likely to wake your partner; same with waking up early for work.

    The polymer is also built with free air flow breathable channels which neutralize temperatures flowing into the mattress from body heat or even an open window; the mattress stays cool to warm all night without trapping heat and ‘sweating’ like latex or memory foam.

    Lastly, the thin polymer is guaranteed antimicrobial, is FDA certified, and uses no artificial germicides; the materials protect against allergens and dust mites.

    • This is a highly unique patented material which distributes individual weight and equalizes pressure evenly along your spine.
    • FDA certified material with CertiPUR certification.
    • Your purchase comes with a 100-day sleep trial period and includes a money-back guarantee that protects your investment in case the mattress does not work out for you.
    • It’s a very different feeling mattress and takes about a week to get used to the cradling and lumbar support.
    • One of the more expensive mattresses.

    9. UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud

    Measuring 80 inches long by 60 inches wide the Elegance mattress has dual layers of air-infused stacked memory foam which rests on a bed of 2-inch layer Gel-Pro memory foam. The difference between them is that the aerated top layer transfers all heat into the gel middle layer which neutralizes not only natural body heat to keep your mattress cool, but is also very moisture wicking and does not retain odors.

    king size purple mattress

    The superior heat dissipation of this mattress rivals most others on the market and offers even more value with the support of a 7.5-inch base layer of HD foam for maximized comfort and realignment. Each layer has been thoroughly tested to eliminate the tension common in the head, neck, and shoulders that most commonly keeps people awake and unrested.

    The top layer of memory foam is viscoelastic foam which matches the contours of a body for a truly weightless sleep experience that isolates motion. Additionally, this superb mattress comes with a best-in-class premium textile stretch knit cover, which looks good and feels even better using mesh accents for advanced nightly airflow.

    • This mattress comes with a 30-day trial use warranty or your money back, and is then backed up by a limited 10-year warranty for your satisfaction.
    • Each mattress is made without ozone depleting materials such as mercury, lead, and other metals. Likewise, these mattresses are approved by the CertiPUR certification and offer better indoor air quality.
    • After a year its typical for the gel beads to retain more water than they once did.
    • Deep sinking memory foam.

    10. Dynasty 15.5-Inch Grand Atlantis Breeze Cool Mattress-King Size

    Best compared to the Tempur-Pedic Grand Bed, this mattress features the same high-quality design specifics with 7.5-inch Gel and Memory Foam blended materials with the addition of a unique 6-layer construction. The top 1.5 inches of HD 5-pound Cool Extra-Comfort Gel providing both a plush sleeping surfaces and a luxurious aerated space which remains cool throughout the night.

    king size purple mattress

    This quilted euro top pairs with a secondary 2-inches of aerated memory foam along with the final 2-inches of Super-Base Foam Support which cradles your spine as you sink into the mattress and offers proper alignment along your pressure points.

    On their own Gel Beads and Memory foam respectively offer a cool mattress or a mattress with support and comfort, but brought together the infused gel beads with the premium memory foam provide the ultimate solution that combines comfort and supports pressure relief with improved airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.

    These combined elements also result in a final mattress rating of medium-soft, meaning for most customers this mattress offers the best range of support in addition to plush comfort.

    • The mattress is designed with six unique layers for a bed which is cushioning and protective, cool all night long, but also offers a base layer of support that meets the spine and neck/shoulders.
    • This mattress comes with a great euro-cloth cover and a strong 6-inch foam base layer.
    • Although the mattress is warrantied for up to 5 years, the warranty does not cover the cloth cover.

    King Size VS. Twin Size Mattresses

    Two twin sized mattresses at extra-large are generally the equivalent of one king. At this size a king mattress can fit one person very comfortably, though traditionally king-sized mattresses are purchased by couples. This is because a king-sized mattress offers enough space for both people to lay comfortably side by side or both on their backs or stomachs; after all, sleep positions vary per person.

    One of the reasons a twin won’t work for two people is specifically because it will mess up the way one or both people are accustomed to sleeping – for instance, a twin doesn’t offer enough room for one person to sleep on their back while the other sleeps on their side – and changing positions in a smaller mattress can actually lead to neck, back, and shoulder pains.

    For those in a smaller house or apartment without an apartment – particularly side sleepers – a twin measuring around 39 by 75 inches offers more than enough space. But if you’re any taller than 5 to 6 feet, upgrading to a king can actually save added tension on your neck or ankles which end up hanging off the front or back of a mattress.

    Benefits of a King Size Mattress

    In the current market king size mattresses are easier to find because there are more of them and they are more commonly sold in store and online; this has also led to a wider variety of king-sized options that include memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses, latex, polyurethane, and layered mattresses with a blend of materials. The following are many points in which owning a king size mattress is more beneficial than a smaller mattress.

    Best King Size Mattress Reviews

    • Size

    There are two sizes of king mattresses and over four different names for these beds based on where you come from or who you’re purchasing the mattress through – this can make things pretty confusing. To simplify this and explain the benefits of even owning a king-sized mattress, first you should know that most kings average 75 inches wide by 80 inches long, and that a standard king is also often called and Eastern King.

    The major number one benefit is that a mattress at this size is more than double that of a twin bed with the same amount of sleeping space for two people; the width per person is generally 38-inches.

    • Health Benefits

    The health benefits are another point, especially for larger or longer individuals. Many people just can’t fit on a twin mattress comfortably and when they force themselves it can actually cause back, shoulder, and neck damage that’s felt later on in the day or throughout the week.

    A full-sized mattress provides a range of space and motion for multiple positions during a night where your legs, back, shoulders, and neck can be cradled and supported at all times. Very few twins can fully fit your body when you stretch out on them or lay flat on your back, and even fewer of these mattresses are made from memory foam or similar materials.

    In fact, because of the increased surface area and materials some of the health benefits many people experience almost immediately with a king include an increase in blood flow – due to the extra spread-out space – more control over restless legs and the due pressure for them.

    Easier nightly breathing is also a health benefit and comes from sleeping in wide quarters where a larger mattress can correctly compress the respiratory system. The added space also reduces joint tension, pain, soreness, and generally relieves your bodies pressure points.

    • Motion Isolation

    Finally, for those individuals who are insomniacs or are very light sleepers, the motion of a twin mattress or the added weight of sleeping with a partner might just be the one thing keeping you from a good night’s sleep where you hit REM and stay in REM sleep for at least an hour. One major solution to this problem is the addition of a king mattress to your bedroom, mainly because a larger mattress reduces your ability to feel your partner when they toss or turn, as well as when they wake up to get out of bed.

    Even better are those mattresses which specifically isolate the motion of both sleepers, so that nothing transfers through the mattress when one person wakes up before the other. What this means is better uninterrupted sleep from night till morning for a healthier body and mind.

    Things to Consider When Shopping for a King Size Mattress

    Many considerations and decisions go into choosing and purchasing a new mattress, especially if you have a partner with different sleeping needs than your own. Here are just a few of the most important concerns that should go into your purchasing process.

    • Do You Have Aches and Pains?

    First thing you should consider for really any mattress – but especially for the higher cost of a king-size – is what you want to get out of it, or what your body needs. Many people already experiencing back, neck, shoulder, or even leg pain should consider consulting a physician before purchasing a new mattress; needs can vary based on different body types and different pains.

    For instance, some physicians will suggest that you get a softer mattress that cradles your neck but offers a deeper middle with a higher density that will cradles the pressure points along your spine – typically this is the definition of a medium-comfort mattress.

    These mid-comfort mattresses usually feature a top layer of deep memory foam that sinks down to a middle memory foam layer infused with gel beads. Of course, medium comfort isn’t for everyone and typically you can expect the comfort to support ratio to vary based on the density of the foam as well as the number of layers in each mattress design.

    • Is Your Bed Too Hot?

    Gel is another matter to consider; or more simply, keeping your mattress cool throughout the night. Mattresses which use cheap memory foam as well as cotton canvas or latex tend to trap both heat and moisture from your body throughout the night; often these are the mattresses that are most likely to develop mold or mildew as well as an odor over time.

    With king sized mattresses you want to choose a mattress which will last a long time and improve your sleeping condition; if heat or sweat is keeping you from getting the sleep you deserve than the ideal king mattress will include gel materials, or an open cell structure, or some sort of technology that allows the mattress to be aerated throughout the night.

    Aerated mattresses could almost be said to breathe; they circulate body heat as well as exterior heat and generally keep your mattress gently warm while you’re sleeping. The lack of heat limits moisture and the open cell structure is very moisture wicking so as to limit molding and age.

    • Do Allergies Keep You Awake at Night?

    Other concerns include particular allergies, if you have asthma, or the environmental impact of some mattresses verses others. Many of the above mattresses are FDA certified and designed to be hypoallergenic.

    • Will the Size be an Issue?

    Finally, if you are purchasing a new king mattress you should consider the size of the room you want to put your new mattress as well as the price of the mattress itself and the warranty or trial period some companies offer. If you go into a store the mattresses are typically 30 to 40% more expensive than those online.

    Also always remember that sheet sizes vary per king mattress and can be even more complicating that choosing the mattress was; put simply, sheets labeled ‘king size’ will fit a standard king size mattress; flat sheets will fit all king size mattresses; and fitted sheets are specifically cut to fit your bed and your mattress only.


    The king size mattress makes a fine addition to any home, be it your kids’ room, your own, or even just the guest bedroom. These mattresses are ideal for every type of sleeper and come with more health benefits than any other smaller mattress size.

    For couples there is no better solution because king size mattresses let you sleep together while still offering the space to lay in the position you prefer. These mattresses are ideal for isolating motion, handling heat and moisture, and standing the test of time.

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