Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews To Buy in 2020

    Experiencing the best night’s sleep depends mostly on how comfortable is the bed. Many of us would claim a well-made bed is the secret. However, we all have different perceptions of how appealing the bed should be. Some would say having the best pillows to rest their heads, while others would be more comfortable sleeping on a bed covered with clean and luxurious bed sheets. If you too share the sentiments of having the best sheets, why not check the shared list of best Egyptians cotton sheets below. Egyptians cotton sheets have made a trademark to produce the highest quality of bed sheets in the bedding industry. For your reference, I have narrowed the products to ten brands along with their descriptions. Hopefully, you get an in-depth understanding of each brand, so you find the perfect cotton sheet that will help you sleep soundly at night and wake feeling invigorated.

    10 Best Rated Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews

    1. True Luxury 1000-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

    The bedsheets sold in the marketplace are often rated on their thread counts. The higher the score of the manufacturer’s product specification on the bed sheets thread count, the better the quality. Why? A higher score means the softer, smoother and tighter the threads are woven tighter to create a durable sheet. And, this first on the list brand True Luxury 1000 Thread Count 100% Cotton is truly an epitome of excellence. Let’s take a closer inspection of its fabric made as well as other features.

    The entire production phase of this product underwent quality control from start to finish. Material is derived from the purest Egyptian cotton fabric, free from any toxic chemical agent. It’s guaranteed safe for everyone, especially those individuals with sensitive skin. The tailoring done on its cotton fabric allows it to spread nicely on the bed mattress, regardless of the size.

    The product’s thread count is 1000, meaning the cotton fabric’s performance is expected to provide the most luxurious feel on skin, yet extremely strong to withstand wear and tear due to frequent washing. True Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheet has been certified to be eco-friendly. The Egyptian cotton fabric is organically grown. The processed fibers have no traces of harmful elements. Plus, the fabric has a breathable and lighter feel on the skin.

    The washing requirement is machine washable under warm water cycle setting, then, tumble dry at low heat temperature. Fabric is ideal for ironing. The manufacturer advises no usage of harsh cleaning products such as bleach. This cotton fabric is also suitable for natural air dry.

    • The product boasts of 1000 thread count, made from organic Egyptian cotton fabric
    • The manufacturer assures paying customer of receiving 100% satisfaction, certified eco-friendly for people with sensitive skin
    • Product’s size availability (King size, queen size, and California king size bedding sheets)
    • Colors come in eleven (11) shades, suitable for matching any bedroom interior
    • This product comes with intricately designed pillowcases, showcasing 1920s artwork
    • Limitation to three-bed sizes only (king, queen, and California King)

    2. Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    Another popular brand for bed sheets made from the finest Egyptian cotton is the Mayfair Linen, originally made in India and Egypt, with the headquarters situated in California. This product has been rated with 800 thread count, which makes it a decent mattress cover for anyone in search of soft, cotton bed sheets. How is this product entirely different from other competing brands?

    First, let’s go over its design. This brand takes pride in having the privilege to offer customers only 100% organic Egyptian cotton. It’s perfect to fit snuggly on the top of any mattress. Inclusive in the product is a fitted sheet, bedsheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet has elasticized enforcement on the edges for maximum fit on the mattress, ensuring it stays tuck securely.

    The material is of premium quality because it has been sourced strictly from pure Egyptian 100% cotton. In fact, this brand is recognized as having a five-star hotel rating on its lavish production of bed sheets. The production process of that the Mayfair Linen Sheets have met quality standards, from the sewing of its hemline down to the manufacturer’s 30-day free trial and lifetime warranty coverage.

    This only shows how confident this brand in complying with any customer’s specific bedding requirement for comfort, durability, and level of softness on the skin. Color options for this brand are available in 22 choices of shades. This allows anyone to pick a color that will match the bedroom’s theme and décor. Sizes availabilities are king and queen size.

    • The thread count is 800, made from 100% Egyptian cotton material and stain resistant
    • This product is hypoallergenic because it has a dust-mite resistant feature, suitable for individuals prone to have allergic reactions
    • It comes with a 30-Day free trial, meaning if the customer is unhappy full refund is granted with no questions asked
    • The fabric material of the sheets may wrinkle during initial washing


    For customers that prefer to have the grandest bed sheets with affordable pricing, the 800 Thread Count Best Bed Sheets is the best option. This brand is known to be providing the market with quality sheets that are budget-friendly, soft and on the thicker version.  To get a better glimpse of this brand’s unique features, here’s a quick overview.

    The product’s fabric material came from 100% organically grown Egyptian cotton, with 800 thread count. The threads are closely sewn together, showing a satin weave finish that has the softest feel on the skin. The sheet is on the thick side, but still breathable even on warm weather conditions.

    Overall, the design portrays a timeless tailored method of sewing, highlighting deep pockets for a more elegant appeal to any size of the mattress. This product has been granted certification to be of superior quality by OEKO-TEX. What does this mean? It means the product has been subjected to a series of tests to ensure the cotton fabric has no residue of chemicals and other harmful elements.

    The manufacturer assures customers that each product is sewn to perfection and spotless the moment customers receive the ordered bedsheet. Washing recommendation is separate washing under the gentle mode cycle, then, tumble dry at low heat temperature setting.

    • The fabric has 800 thread count of Egyptian cotton, with Sateen weave finish
    • It has been certified to be of high quality by the OEKO-TEX, meaning the fabric is free from at least 100 harmful elements
    • Design represents timeless beauty with deep tailored pockets
    • 100% customer satisfaction is backed by the manufacturer’s confidence in their bedding products
    • Product care and washing instruction is separate machine wash under gentle cycle setting and, tumble dry at low heat
    • Bedsheet sizes are limited to two options (king and standard sizes)

    4. Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    Another brand with 1000 thread count is the Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets. This bedding product caters to customers that want true value for money. So, what makes it worth an investment? Well, for one it has impressive visual appearance because of the exquisite sateen weave application done on the fabric itself. Plus, it comes with matching pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets and thirteen colors to choose from. I’m sure every picky customer will find the right shade to blend with any bedroom’s theme and furniture.

    As for comfortability, this is a top-performing brand for bedding sheets because the sateen weaving finish gives the user to easily doze off the moment his or her body lays on the bed. First-time users of this bedsheet will find it silky smooth on skin as if sleeping at a five-star rated hotel.

    When it comes to lasting wear, expect the Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian to remain in excellent condition. The 1000 thread count fabric is woven closely, ensuring its construction complies durability standards. Aside from that, this brand of bedsheet offers a lifetime warranty to all potential buyers. This only proves how confident the manufacturer in their bedding products of surpassing customers’ expectations.

    Lastly, this brand also complies with the ethical manufacturing standards by only outsourcing purely Egyptian cotton fabric for the production of their sheets. They make sure the beddings are eco-friendly, meaning they are non-toxic and free from any harsh substance. So, households with family members with sensitive skin or prone to allergies can have peace of mind that no adverse reactions will arise while sleeping on these bedsheets.

    • Bears the highest thread count of 1000 organic Egyptian cotton
    • The design of this bedding sheet showcases sateen weave finish and 16-inch deep pocket, truly a picture of fine craftsmanship
    • Manufacturer is giving lifetime warranty coverage, plus 100% customer satisfaction assurance
    • Product feels extremely silky on the skin, ideal for sensitive skin
    • Other features found in this bedsheet are anti-pilling, shrinkage resistant and breathable fabric
    • Product may require prior washing before usage due to slight odor produced after unpacking from its packaging

    5. SONORO KATE Bed Sheets Set Sheets

    Do you want a bedding sheet set that has vibrant color and not prone to fading? Well, you have found the perfect match, the SONORO KATE Bed Sheets Set with 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton. This brand is made from extra strong microfiber yarn material that is proven to remain silky smooth and wrinkle-resistant even for many years of usage.

    In fact, this brand has been known to be using high-end microfiber polyester, adopting the latest spinning technology. This is why the product is resistant to stain, breathable and hypoallergenic. The SONORO also have 16-inch deep pocket design, ensuring the sheet stays snugly on all corners of the mattress. Care instructions of the sheet require washing machines, setting it on cold water cycle.

    The sheet can be naturally air-dried outside during sunny weather conditions or toss inside a tumble dryer for quick drying. This brand is covered with a warranty of return policy with no expiration if dissatisfied. So, you can return the product purchased after a few weeks, months or longer in the event the bedsheet wasn’t able to satisfy your expectations.

    • This product is made from 100% brushed microfiber with 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton
    • The sheets are hypoallergenic, suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin
    • Products packaging comes with fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase
    • Bedsheet sizes availability are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
    • Manufacturer’s washing instruction is machine wash under cold water setting, low heat tumble dry
    • Extra pillowcases are not sold separately need to buy the whole set

    6. LIANLAM King Bed Sheets Set

    Another brand that boasts of having 1800 thread count and brushed microfiber material is LIANLAM King Bed Sheets Set manufactured by LIANLAM, a recognized producer in the bedding industry. Here are a few features that make this brand worth your money.

    First, it’s hypoallergenic because the fabric material used is chemical-free and has silky smooth effect when in contact with skin. This product is a recommendable bedding cover for anyone with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions.

    Is it durable? Yes, it has closely woven threads of fiber with a thread count of 1800. Although it has the softest and breathable microfiber material when compared with low quality cotton sheets sold in the market, the LIANLAM promises longer service to users.

    Care and washing requirement for this particular brand is easy to follow. It’s machine washable at cold water setting and dry faster even when dried naturally outdoor. For quick drying, this bed sheet can be put in the tumble dryer. The silky finish of this sheet won’t require ironing.

    Additional features found in this bedding product are stain and fade resistant. Since the threads are tightly woven together, the effect on the fabric’s material has effectively repelled any form of staining including water. In fact, you can easily wipe any visible stain on the fabric with a clean, damp cloth. And, the fabric remains wrinkle-free. So, say goodbyes to late tossing at night because you no longer need to wake up just to wipe off the wrinkles on your bed sheet.

    • The 100% brushed microfiber material is breathable, stain, fade, and wrinkle-resistant
    • The product is certified to have 1800 thread count
    • Product is machine washable under cold water cycle, then, tumbled dried
    • Manufacturer includes a money-back guarantee for customers’ protection
    • The packaging includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases
    • Not an Egyptian cotton bed sheet

    7. Elegant Comfort 4-Piece Sheet Set

    Every individual has distinct preferences when it comes to the bedding sheets. Some of us would favor a bed sheet that has the softest feel on the skin while others look for quality production. You can have both of these features in one bedding product, the Elegant Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Bedding Set. Why?

    It has been rated with 1500 thread count of 100% microfiber material. This type of fabric delivers the softest feel that is wrinkle-free. The high thread count including the detailed stitching makes the fabric durable enough to last for years even when washed regularly.

    This bed sheet is also environment-friendly because of its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic features. Unlike other inferior quality cotton bed sheets, the Elegant Comfort Luxury Bedding Set fabric material does not collect allergens like pollen, dust and other contaminants found in the air. And, its microfiber material prevents mildew growth. It’s highly recommended for allergy sufferers including people dealing with skin problems like eczema.

    The fabric remains vibrant even for many years of regular use and washing due to its color-fade resistant feature. The product has manageable washing instructions. It can be washed via washing machine at cold water wash cycle and tumble dry on low heat temperature. The microfiber material’s wrinkle-free finish feature allows users to use the sheet after being washed and dried. No ironing needed.

    • The product has 1500 thread count of microfiber material
    • Care instruction is less tedious, machine washable, tumble dry and no ironing required on the bed sheet
    • The product has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic features, suitable for allergy sufferers including those with skin disorders (eczema)
    • Product comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases
    • The bed sheet can fit nicely on the thick bed mattress
    • The bed sheet may feel a bit too thin for people that prefer thicker sheet

    8. MyPillow Bed Sheet Set 100% Certified Giza Egyptian Long Staple Cotton

    One of the problems that sleepers complain while sleeping at night is having to deal with trapped heat moisture, especially during warmer months of the summer season.  If you want to experience sleeping on cool bed sheets all throughout the night, then, invest on MyPillow Bed Sheet. This brand is certified to be 100% Giza Egyptian cotton with 1000 thread count, meaning its fabric material is breathable enough to keep the bed cool all night for sleepers’ undisturbed sleep.

    As for durability, the quality of the fabric used is from organic Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton has a sateen weave application. What is a sateen weave? It means the fabric’s thread is woven into yarn rather than the usual fine thread. With this kind of thread structure, the sheet remains in good shape even for many years of usage.

    Next feature that this product promises to customers is the high level of comfort. As mentioned, the sheet delivers the softest feel to the user. It’s also lightweight and cool for the summer season. The sheets can be used together with comforters during winter months for extra warmth.

    The bed sheet set comes in multiple sizes and colors. Anyone can find the right size to fit any bed mattress (king, queen, and standard). Colors are available in nine shades ranging from dark to light such as dark gray, dusty rose, light blue, sage down to purest white color. The care requirement of this brand is cold water washing cycle and tumble dried at a low heat setting. The use of bleaching products is not recommended.

    • The fabric is made from certified 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton with 1000 thread count
    • The sheet design shows off 18-inch deep pockets with a sateen weave
    • Varied colors and sizes available to match any bedroom interior and bed mattress size
    • Manufacturer provides a 10-Year warranty coverage
    • Additional features include wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic and five-star customer service rating
    • No corner straps attached in the bedsheet

    9. Carressa Linen 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton SheetSet

    600 Thread Count Long Staple Egyptian Cotton is perfect for any household trying to replace old and worn out bed sheets with new ones. Why? The sheet sets are silky soft and breathable. Its fabric is from 100% Egyptian cotton, a type of cotton that has won global trust for superior quality and performance in the bedding industry. With its 600-thread count, their bed sheet sets became staple bedding products in almost every home worldwide due to proven durability and comfort to users.

    The stitching method applied by their skillful sewers is top-notch, producing only the finest woven yarns of thread and transforming them into flawless, durable bed sheets. In addition to quality craftsmanship, strict inspection is performed during the final phase of production. This assures customers that ordered bedding products are packed properly with no signs of defects.

    The bedding sheets are rated eco-friendly because no harmful chemicals are used during the production process. And, quality inspection is carried out prior to the final packaging. So, it’s user-friendly, safe even for people with allergies or skin sensitivity.

    The care requirement for this brand is quite easy. The bed sheets are machine washable. They can be washed under the normal washing cycle and tumble dried. The sheets are wrinkle-free, so no ironing needed.

    • Product fabric is made from organic Egyptian Cotton with 600 thread count
    • Fabric material is machine washable, set at normal washing cycle
    • The bed sheets can be tumble dried at a low heat temperature setting
    • Product comes with no risk on customer, 30 days coverage applicable on return and get a full refund
    • Manufacturer promise 100% customer satisfaction upon purchase of their bedding products
    • All Carressa Linen products are only sold directly from Carressa Originals

    10. AUDLEY HOME Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set

    We all aspire of having a good night’s sleep after a tiring day. The AUDLEY HOME Luxury Egyptian Bed Sheet Set assures all their purchasers of experiencing quality sleep throughout the night. How? This bedding product claims to follow the strict production process, starting from the selection of pure Egyptian cotton down to the intricate stitching of threads, then, followed by a series of tests against pilling. The manufacturer sees to it that the product’s outcome is flawless.

    This brand has been OKEO-TEX certified, meaning only superior quality dyes were used to create vibrant colored bed sheets. The colored sheets are expected to retain their original, vibrant colors for years even when washed often.

    The design of the bed sheet set is suitable for anyone doing a bedroom makeover. The elegant look is visible from the sateen weave finish feel of the bed sheets down to the detailed stitching along the hemline. Plus, each piece of the bed sheet has a size indicator to ensure the user’s quick identification.

    • The fabric’s thread count is 800, made from 100% Egyptian cotton
    • The bed sheets are produced by skilled artisans, applying only the best stitching technique for the construction of the bed sheets and pillowcases
    • Included in the product’s packaging is flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases
    • The dyes used are OKEO-TEX certified, meaning quality dyes are used and no presence of chemicals
    • Designed with 15-inch pocket, detailed stitching on the hemline
    • Extra pillowcases are not sold separately

    What is Egyptian Cotton?

    Egyptian Cotton is entirely different than ordinary cotton. Egyptian Cotton is harvested from the organic cotton plant that produces extra-long staple fibers or referred to as (ELS). When compared with ordinary cotton, 100% Egyptian Cotton is significantly superior in quality. The fiber has an absorbing capability, which allows dyes to be easily absorbed.

    Aside from that, Egyptian Cotton is harvested with the utmost care by workers whereas the ordinary cotton is picked with the use of machines. The harvesting technique is a vital element in the production of premium quality Egyptian cotton. The handpicking technique ensures the fibers are undamaged, thereby decreasing the issue of splicing.

    The features that the Egyptian Cotton exhibit are super absorbent, the vibrancy of color achieved when dyed, more breathable than low-quality cotton. In fact, Egyptian Cotton is recognized worldwide to produce the softest and extremely durable bedding products from fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases.

    Benefits of Using Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    When it comes to bedding products, Egyptian cotton is considered the elite. Why? This material upgrades the level of comfort that individual experience with bedding products. Below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy from bed sheets made from 100% Egyptian Cotton.

    • Aesthetically appealing

    Yes, the physical appearance of Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is aesthetically appealing. Even a customer with a distinct taste will appreciate the cotton fabric with no sign of pilling (broken or loosened fibers). So, the sheets look flawless when they spread lavishly on the bed mattress.

    • Breathability

    Anyone that had already experience night sweats will appreciate the difference when sleeping on sheets made from Egyptian cotton. This superior quality cotton is a lot more breathable than poor quality cotton. The feel of the Egyptian cotton is cool, ensuring no overheating occurs throughout the night even during the summer season.

    • Economical

    The price of the Egyptian cotton bedding sheet is a bit expensive than cheaper cotton sheets with poor quality. However, if you will compute the money saved from not having to replace the bed sheets often because Egyptian cotton sheets are designed and constructed for lasting wear, then, this is indeed economical in every sense.

    • Superior quality

    Another benefit of Egyptian cotton is its superior quality from regular cotton. Since Egyptian cotton is made from extra-long fiber the effect on the finished product is flawless with no issue of warping or pilling. The sheets feel smooth and breathable on skin, giving the user the chance to sleep comfortably every on hot weather. And, sheets are expected to last longer even when washed frequently.

    How to Choose the Right Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

    Picking the right Egyptian Cotton can be tricky, especially if you managed to search online different brands. It’s crucial for anyone to commit the mistake of buying fake Egyptian Cotton bedding products. For your guidance, follow these tips when shopping.

    • Authentic 100% Egyptian Cotton

    When browsing products claiming to be made from Egyptian Cotton, don’t be easily fooled with such claims. Take time to read thoroughly the product’s label. If the label states the bed sheet is Egyptian Cotton, then, it should be only produced from 100% Egyptian Cotton with no add-ons of synthetic material such as polyester. Why? Any sheet with mixed cotton and synthetic fiber may be less soft, breathable and durable than the 100 % Egyptian Cotton bed sheet.

    • Stay away from sheets with chemical-based dyes

    Manufacturers generally use dyes and other bleaching agents to achieve the desired color for bed sheets. Keep in mind, that premium Egyptian Cotton sheets only use chemical-free dyes that are proven safe for all customers including those with sensitive skin or allergies.

    • Look for detailed craftsmanship

    Egyptian Cotton sheets manufacturers have gone to the extent of adding detailed artwork such as deep pockets, sateen weave finish as well as elasticized corners on sheets. All these additions plus the fine stitching methodology done on hems ensure any potential customer that the sheets have been crafted to perfection.

    • Check the thread count

    Egyptian Cotton bed sheet sets usually have thread count specifications found on the product’s packaging. Some brands claim their sheets to have 600 thread count while others may have higher thread count ranging from 1000 to 1800. When the thread count is higher, expect the sheet to be of superior quality and softer on skin.

    • Choose unique features

    Lastly, when you are struggling making a choice between two or more brands of Egyptian Cotton sheets, choose a brand with unique features like anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and warranty coverage. The more features a particular brand has to offer, the better for a paying customer. Why? It’s very straightforward, the more add-ons you get from this purchase, the bigger savings achieved.

    What Key Features To Look for When Buying Egyptian Cotton Sheet

    The features of Egyptian Cotton sheets sold in the market may vary from one manufacturer to another. If you want to make sure the right brand only discloses the right information about the bedding product, here’s a list of common features to look at.

    • Number of Thread Count

    Manufacturers often include the thread count on their bedding products. If you see a higher thread count score, this means the bed sheet is extremely soft. It’s advisable for any potential customer to assess his or her softness level preference prior to the decision making. For example, if you want a medium soft bed sheet, choose a brand that has at least 600 to 800 certified thread count.

    • Weave finish

    The Egyptian Cotton sheets may have various weave finish and patterns. The most popular is the sateen weave finish because of its silky smooth on the skin. There are also other finishes that have sheen aappearance or breathable. Before making a final selection, familiarize yourself first with the available weave finishes, then, pick the brand that caters to your needs or wants.

    • Dye

    The Egyptian Cotton is known for being super absorbent material. This is why a dyed Egyptian Cotton sheet is expected to remain vibrant even frequent washing. When buying Egyptian Cotton in varying shades, select a color that will match your bedroom theme and décor.

    • Certified 100% Egyptian Cotton

    One of the key features that anyone should check when buying Egyptian Cotton is the certification of the material being outsourced from organic Egyptian cotton and has no trace of synthetic material or chemicals.

    • Fiber Length

    Egyptian Cotton is widely known to have extra-long-staple cotton fiber. For your assurance that you are buying genuine Egyptian Cotton bed sheets, inspect the packaging if it mentioned the “ELS”. If you found no confirmation of the fiber length, then, look for another brand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will the bed sheet encounter shrinkage during the initial wash?

    Cotton material regardless of its quality or type may tend to shrink during the initial wash. Of course, expect a brand with superior quality cotton material to shrink less than poor quality cotton. For assurance that the bought cotton bed sheet won’t shrink, read the washing and drying instruction.

    • What is the washing requirement of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

    Washing requirement of Egyptian Cotton bed sheets may vary depending on the manufacturer’s advice, quality of cotton material used as well as thread count. However, the common instruction is the cotton sheet is machine washable set at cold water cycle and tumble dried under low heat. It’s best for every customer that recently bought Egyptian cotton bed sheets to read the care instruction provided by the manufacturer.

    • Is there a difference between Egyptian Cotton and regular cotton?

    Yes, there is a major difference between Egyptian Cotton and regular cotton. First, the Egyptian Cotton is made from organic Egyptian Cotton, personally handpicked while the regular cotton is harvested via machine equipment and may contain other synthetic materials. Second, Egyptian Cotton is softer than your regular cotton. And, lastly Egyptian Cotton has stronger fiber, making it an ideal material for the production of bedding products.


    The manufacturers of the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets are now widely spread both online and physical stores. Decision making on which brand to buy is not always an easy task. In fact, with many choices to choose one can be totally confused while shopping around from one store to another.

    If you don’t want to settle for an inferior brand, go over the above guide and read carefully the descriptions of brands mentioned. Then, you can rate the above products based on your preferences. Your final decision should lead you to a brand that has the highest score.

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