Best Blankets for Winter 2020 Reviews (Top Picks With Comparison)

    Winter can be harsh. I mean really harsh. A cup of freshly brewed coffee and an army of pillows may perform the trick. On the other hand, a glass of whiskey and a pair of fuzzy socks may also work well. But, is this enough to keep you warm while you struggle to catch up with the latest series, movies, and TV shows?

    Well, to stay warm during winter, you, of course, need something that will keep you hot, comfortable, and relaxed just the way you enjoy it at the beach during summer. In short, you need the best blanket for winter that will not only keep you warm but will guarantee you a high level of fluffiness and coziness.

    In this guide, we will not only review five high-quality blankets in the market, but we will also offer useful tips on how to choose the best blankets to keep you warm during winter.

    5 Best Selling Winter Blankets Comparison Chart

    ImageNameDimensionsWeightMaterial TypeWhere To Buy
    Bedsure Sherpa Blanket16.5 x 12.6 x 6.7 inches3.05 lbsFleeceCheck Price
    Utopia Bedding Blanket 16 x 6 x 14 inches2.75 lbsFleeceCheck Price
    Utopia Bedding Summer Cotton Blanket16 x 6 x 14 inches5 lbsPremium CottonCheck Price
    Lavish Home Solid Soft Heavy81 x 91 x 0.5 inches
    7.8 lbsPolyesterCheck Price
    Tache Orange Fall Farmhouse87 x 63 x 1 inches
    3.3 lbsPolyesterCheck Price

    Top Rated Blankets for Winter Reviews

    1. Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket

    Chilly nights cannot be tackled with just a cup of hot chocolate and fluffy socks. You need to boost the warmth with a plush blanket such as the Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket. Unlike most blankets within its price range, the Bedsure Sherpa is usable in a wide range of categories such as at the bed, during travel, in a camp-site and on the sofa.

    To know more about this high-quality blanket, let’s take a look at the features.

    Best Blankets for Winter


    • Unique design

    With over 40 years of experience in the blankets arena, Bedsure understands what customers truly need to stay warm and comfortable. With that, this blanket comes with a dual-sided design that makes it smooth on one side and extremely fluffy on the other.

    • Immense versatile

    To enjoy family happy hours, you need a blanket that will provide consecutive warmth during chilly nights. This blanket has done exactly that as it comes with moisture wicking capabilities that make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

    • Premium Construction

    A blanket is not just a blanket. Apart from keeping you warm, a perfect blanket should be long-lasting and super comfy. Having known that, Bedsure has designed this blanket with a premium microfiber polyester fabric that’s not only cozy, but it’s also ultra-plush, fade and stain resistant.

    • What will you get?

    If you’re looking to shop for this winter blanket, there’s a lot you’ll expect from it. First, this blanket comes in three sizes which include; the twin sized blanket (60”× 80”) throw size (50”× 60”) and the Queen size (90”× 90”).

    Secondly, this blanket comes in a plethora of multiple colors to match your bedroom décor, a one month return and replacement policy and a lifetime customer service to all esteem buyers.

    • This blanket is machine washable.
    • It’s double-sided making it the best for all year use.
    • Tightly stitched to enhance durability and longevity.
    • Available in a plethora of cool colors.
    • The blanket is breathable offering you a comfy sleeping experience.
    • This blanket doesn’t have the white part as shown in the photo.
    • Some customers have mentioned that the blanket is quite thin.


    Overall, the Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket is a superb choice for homeowners with a complicated decorative taste. Double-stitched from a high-quality microfiber polyester fabric, this blanket is not only warm but it’s also breathable, fade and stain resistant making it the best option for all season use.

    2. Polar Fleece Premium Bed Blanket

    Years of experience combined with pride and simplicity equals to the Polar Fleece Premium Bed Blanket. Designed with a perfect combination of softness and comfort, this blanket is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is the best alternative for all season use both in winter and summer months.

    The Polar Fleece blanket is not just made to keep you warm. Its design and elegance give it a luxurious feel that makes it the best for snuggling on the couch or bed while watching your favorite TV or NETFLIX show.

    So, what features does this blanket possess that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack?

    Blankets for Winter Reviews


    • Quality construction

    The beauty and elegance of this blanket are totally unmatched. Made from 100% polyester polar fleece fabric and 1-inch hem, this double-sided blanket is solid enough to offer a high level of warmness whether it’s during summer or during winter months.

    • Great versatility

    This blanket is made from lightweight, durable, and easy to care for fabric. Not only is it usable when taking a nap, this blanket can be used in the living room, campsite or during travels.

    • Wide color option

    If you’re an avid stylist, why not decorate your interior with this blanket? You see, this blanket comes with a selection of 4 colors to choose from depending on how you wish to decorate your bedroom setting. You can choose from Grey, Navy, Tan, and Chocolate.

    • This blanket is easily machine washed.
    • Available in 4 cool colors to match your bedroom settings.
    • Double stitched to boost durability and longevity.
    • This blanket is easy to care for and maintain.
    • The surface of the blanket is rough and itchy.
    • Some customers complain that the color looks dull.


    Overall, the Polar Fleece Premium Bed Blanket is an affordable yet durable blanket that’s usable in a wide range of daily endeavors. Tailored from 100% polyester fabric, this 2-sided blanket is cozy and super warm offering you years of service whether it’s during summer or winter. If you’ve been searching for a blanket that will offer great versatility, then I believe you have the answer.

    3. Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket

    Utopia Bedding has totally taken a different path with this blanket. Instead of using the obvious synthetic materials such as polyester, they’ve decided to go with 100% ring spun cotton due to obvious reasons; comfort, warmth, and breathability.

    Now, what more has this blanket offered that has made it stand out from the rest of the crowd?

    Best Winter Blanket


    • Excellent design

    Unlike blankets made from synthetic materials, this one is tailored from 100% cotton with double weave and waffle square patterns giving it a unique and luxurious feel.

    • High breathability

    To make it ideal for all year use, Utopia Bedding has opted to weave this blanket tightly enough to hold the fibers together. The blanket is thick, soft, and plush enough to keep you warm during chilly nights. To make it usable during summer, this blanket is highly breathable keeping your body cool for a good night sleep.

    • Luxurious

    This blanket is warm and comfortable and is usable with a wide range of beddings. Like it’s not enough, the blanket has hypo-allergenic properties that keep your skin safe against allergies, dust mites, and bacteria.

    • This blanket is easy to care for and maintain.
    • Available in different colors and sizes.
    • Woven from a breathable cotton fabric.
    • Offers a high level of comfort and warmness.
    • After the first wash, this blanket becomes stiff, hard, and quite scratchy.


    Although there are some areas that need to be adjusted, the Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket is one of the best blankets in terms of comfort, softness, and breathability. The blanket is easily machine washed and is available in a huge king size with dimensions of 90”× 108”.

    4. Lavish Home Heavy Thick Plush Mink Blanket

    Next, in our humble review, we have the Lavish Home Thick Plush Mink Blanket. If there’s something Lavish Home has done right is to introduce a plush blanket that will keep you highly comfortable without feeling or looking too cumbersome.

    In case you’ve fallen in love with this blanket, here are some features you’ll definitely love about it.

    Best Selling Blankets for Winter


    • Quality Construction

    If you’re looking for a blanket that will give you years of service, then I believe you have the answer. Tailored from 100% polyester fabric, this blanket is not only durable but will also offer a substantial amount of warmth during cold months.

    • Wide color option

    For customers who’re keen with interior décor, this blanket has meticulously offered you a wide color option that will definitely match your bedroom décor. Whether you like plain colors or you prefer printed art, this blanket has everything you need to suit your demands.

    • Easy care and maintenance

    Caring for a blanket of this caliber can be hard and extremely tough. Luckily, to give you an easy cleaning experience, this blanket is designed with easy clean-ability using a washing machine then letting it dry out naturally.

    • This blanket comes with a wide selection of unique colors.
    • At 7.8 pounds, this blanket is light enough to keep you comfortable.
    • This blanket is super soft and perfect for adults, kids, and teenagers.
    • The blanket is available at an affordable price.
    • Some customers complain that one side of the blanket is rough.


    In conclusion, the Lavish Home Thick Plush Mink Blanket is not a bad bet keeping in mind it’s soft, plush, comfortable, and solid enough to endure the test of time. The pure polyester fabric is durable while the wide color option offers you the versatility to choose a color that blends with your bedroom décor. If truly this is the blanket for you, then there’s no doubt that you’ll make it your number one pick.

    5. Tache Home Fashion Winter Cabin Throw Blanket

    Our review can never be complete without mentioning the Tache Home Fashion Winter Cabin Blanket. An outstanding piece made from 100% polyester fabric, this blanket is warm, cozy, and plush making it the best for you, your kids, and guests to snug on during freezing nights.

    Now, what more does this blanket offer?

    Top Rated Blankets for Winter


    • Warm and ultra-soft

    While most blankets strive to keep you warm but totally uncomfortable due to their unbearable weights, this blanket has managed to balance both sides by keeping you warm and comfortable with a light weight of just 1-pound.

    • Wide color option

    For customers who value style and elegance, this blanket has offered you a wide range of color options depending on your taste and personal preference. Among the colors you can choose from include; Blue/Tan, Sky Blue, Brown Orange, and Rosy Pink.

    • Multi-purpose

    We all love blankets that can handle various tasks right? Well, this blanket is no different as it works as a great decorative accent for beds, sofas, couches, and car/travel usage. Like it’s not enough, this blanket is available in 3 sizes that include; Twin, Full, and Queen size blankets.

    • This blanket is super-light and perfect for both adults and kids.
    • Easy to pack and use during travels.
    • The decorative accents add style and elegance to this blanket.
    • The blanket is available in 3 common sizes namely Twin, Full, and Queen Size.
    • This blanket is slippery and quite uncomfortable.


    The Tache Home Fashion Winter Cabin Blanket is an affordable blanket that has come to take your sleeping experience to the next level. Made from 100% Polyester fabric, this blanket is ultra-soft, warm and very fluffy making it an ideal choice for both summer and winter seasons.

    Available in a plethora of cool colors to choose from, this blanket is the best for homeowners who value style and elegance.

    Things To Consider Before Buying a Best Blanket for Winter

    When choosing the best blanket for winter, warmness is not the only factor you look at. There are other key pointers you need to factor in to ensure that your preferred blanket meets all your sleeping or snuggling demands.

    Whether it’s watching your favorite TV show, sleeping at night or keeping warm during train or plane travels, here are 6 key factors you need to consider when choosing the good blankets for winter.

    Best Blankets for Winter Reviews

    • Type of blanket

    When shopping for a blanket, you, of course, need to weigh in your intentions (how you plan to use it) to determine which type of blanket will work for you. Among the common types of blankets you’ll find in the market include;

    • Standard blanket:

    These types of blankets are highly common in the stores and are designed to fit most modern standard sized beds such as twin, full, queen, and king-sized beds.

    • Throw:

    This is another common type of blanket available in the market. These types of blankets are mostly used in the couches and sofas rather than being used on the bed. They come with a standard size of 70”× 50” and they possess a characteristic light and decorative accent.

    • Quilt:

    These types of blankets are stitched with an interior layer of plush and fluffy material to make them warm and cozy. They also have decorative accents that make them perfect for people who value interior decoration.

    • Type of fabric

    Did you know that most winter blankets have one thing in common? Yes, Fabric! The type of fabric a blanket has directly influences its feel, warmness, structure, and breathability.

    Although there’s no fabric we can say is the best, the best blanket for you depends on your personal preference and how you intend to use it. Some of the common types of fabrics you’ll come across include;

    • Wool:

    Derived from sheep, wool is hailed for its antibacterial, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties. It’s also warm and highly breathable making it ideal for all season use.

    • Down:

    Derived from the underside of geese and duck feathers, this fabric is soft and light and has extremely powerful insulating properties that make it perfect for all season use.

    • Cotton:

    Also designed with a soft feel, cotton is generally smooth and very plush and has moisture wicking properties that give it a decent breathability.

    • Synthetic:

    The most common synthetic fabric used in most blankets is polyester. This is because polyester can easily be formulated in different ways to give it varying properties. For instance, polyester can be formulated to mimic the soft, light, and lofty feel of down.

    • Weave

    The weave of a blanket is another factor that can highly influence its performance. If a blanket is loose, it will not offer as much in terms of heat retention though it will offer immense breathability. On the other hand, if the weaves are tight, the blanket will retain more heat though it will have less breathability.

    • Durability

    The material and weave of a blanket will directly influence its durability. In most cases, down and wool are considered to be the most durable though they usually cost more. So, depending on the use, it’s wise that you consider durability as a prime factor.

    • Size

    Blankets come in varying sizes depending on the use. To ensure that what you buy fits snuggly on your bed, it’s highly recommended that you check the dimensions of the blanket in relation to your bed.

    • Color and patterns

    Apart from the walls, a blanket can play a significant role in revealing the overall ambiance, style, and aesthetic of a room. With this in mind, if you’re thinking of adding the blanket to reflect the broader bedroom looks, then looking for one with matching colors, patterns, and prints will definitely work out for you.


    Winter is all about keeping warm and cozy whether you’re on the couch, sofa or at the bed. Although there are so many blankets available to choose from, a blanket has one ultimate purpose which is keeping you warm during these cold months.

    But wait: before choosing a blanket, you need to weigh in your personal preferences such as the size, quality, shape, color, and fabric type to ensure that what you buy perfectly matches your personal needs.

    Thankfully, this guide has offered you everything you need to know about winter blankets and has even gone ahead to review 5 of the best blankets for winter just to make sure that you’re not left out in the dark.

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