Some Benefits you Should Know About Sleeping Naked

    According to statistics, only about 8% of people in this world have the habit of sleeping naked but everybody will also see the benefit of it. This may sound hard to believe, but let’s consider the following benefits before you go to bed you’re your pajamas.

    • Deep sleep

    Are you exhausted by insomnia? Try to sleep without your clothes to change that situation. You may be surprised to fall asleep faster and deeper.

    We always know that a good sleep quality is good for the brain. A recent research project by the University of Rochester has confirmed this. The study said that when you sleep, the brain will be disposed of toxic proteins from the nerve cells (neurons). These proteins are formed by the activity of the brain when you’re awake. The important thing is that the brain can only complete elimination of this harmful protein if you get enough deep sleep.

    When you do not get enough deep sleep, these proteins will remain in the brain cells that cause damage to the ability of your brain activity. In a long time, it will reduce the possibility of information processing, problem-solving, creating and makes you susceptible.

    Researchers at the University of Amsterdam also found that the skin surface temperature reduction will increase the depth of sleep and reduce the number of times you wake up in the night. And the best way to do this without having to lower the temperature of the room is taking off your clothes while sleeping.


    • Good for the heart

    We know that prolonged stress is harmful: affect the immune system, reduces cognitive abilities and increase your risk of heart disease, depression, and obesity.

    Prolonged stress causes your cortisol levels are not stable. Adequate rest will help restore normal cortisol, reduce stress. And of course, a better rest is a good night’s sleep which happens if sleeping naked.

    According to doctors, sleeping naked with your lover will generate a large amount of oxytocin, a hormone that brings many health benefits. Oxytocin can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the protection of the heart as well as immune system and help reduce anxiety.

    • Married life happier

    A recent study by American scientists has shown that the best way to keep a marriage happy is sleeping naked. Accordingly, those who wear nothing in the bed will feel satisfied with their partner than when dressed.

    If you are usually sleeping naked next to your partner, it will be sure that skin contacts will push up the production of oxytocin happiness hormone. This will help you feel more excited about “sex”.

    • Confident

    Confidence not only brings you comfort, it also helps you to succeed. Thanks to the confidence, you are not afraid to explore new ones, face with challenges and stay firm in front difficult.

    A study by the University of Melbourne showed that people who are confident will have higher wages and are promoted more often than those who lack confidence.

    Sleeping naked will make your body feel comfortable. And when you’re comfortable with your own body, self-esteem and confidence have also increased significantly.

    Typically, people will feel vulnerable when in a state of nudity. However, sleeping naked makes your body comfortable and reduce the ability to eat disorders or depression. At the same time, sleeping naked will enhance confidence in life.

    Increased metabolic rate of the body

    When you are fallen into a deep sleep, the metabolic rate of your body will increase. So, basically, our body will burn fat faster even when we are asleep.

    • Relieve pain and reduce stress

    The sleeping naked also works well in treating stress, neurological disorders, particularly stress visceral nervous system. Besides, sleeping naked also helps you promote blood circulation why disease constipation, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, a headache was markedly improved.

    • Slow down the aging process

    When you wear clothes to bed, your body is warm and this interferes with the production of HGH, which human growth hormone that helps restore the skin cells. Sleeping naked let your body always feel comfortable as well as slow down the aging process. The body produces more and more hormones, you will be less and less wrinkles.

    • Lose weight

    Sleeping naked has many health benefits and also help you lose weight as well. When the night comes, your skin will spread out something. At that time, if dressed to go to bed, you’ve inadvertently prevented the evaporation of sweat and normal skin respiration that are not good for blood circulation.

    In contrast, when sleeping naked, your body is at the best moment of blood circulation, skin respiration. It contributes significantly to the amount of fat consumed, a workhorse for a slimming process.

    As a result of a study by the National Institutes of Health of the United States, keeping your body comfortable and cool during sleep will increase the metabolic rate of the body because the body has to produce brown fat to help you stay warm. Brown fat produces heat (more than 300 times higher than any other part of the body) by burning calories, therefore, speed up metabolism and help you lose weight.

    Furthermore from the effect on metabolism, sleeping naked also improves blood circulation, better for the heart and muscles. Your quality sleep increases the secretion of growth hormone and melatonin; two anti-aging factors are extremely effective as well.

    • Prettier skin

    When sleeping naked, your skin will be ventilated and absorb more nutrients than sleep with clothes. This contributes to improving and promoting the exchange within the body, simultaneously, enhances the secretion of sebum and sweat to release the oils from the body. The body will be strengthened resistance, enabling us young and beautiful skin.

    Do you believe that with only 10 seconds per day, you’ll sleep better, earn more money, reduce stress and weight loss? Sleeping naked will help you do all these things. With above explanations, you can try to sleep without clothes but remember don’t do it when you sleep in a strange place or sleep in the crowded room for your safety.

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